Where to Stay in Potsdam: Best Areas and Hotels

Wondering about the best areas to stay in Potsdam? From Innenstadt's charm to the gorgeous Sanssouci Park and quiet Babelsberg, these are the best quarters and hotels in this German city.

Where to Stay in Potsdam - Best Areas and Hotels
Where to Stay in Potsdam - Best Areas and Hotels

With its captivating palaces and gardens, Potsdam is not just another town near Berlin; it is a cultural treasure trove. Once the residence of Prussian kings and the German Kaiser, Potsdam is famous for its gorgeous landscapes and impressive Prussian architecture. It stands at the confluence of history, culture, and nature. The city is referred to as “Prussia’s Versailles” and is located southwest of the German capital along the Havel River. If you’re looking into the best areas to stay in Potsdam, your journey begins here.

Accommodation Options in Potsdam, Germany

Potsdam’s history is deeply intertwined with Frederick the Great and his legacy. With its beautiful palace, Sanssouci Park epitomizes Frederician Rococo architecture and elegance. The city’s tourist industry thrives upon its historical attractions and proximity to Berlin. Accommodation here ranges from luxurious hotels housed in historic buildings to comfortable guesthouses.

Aside from Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam boasts other significant attractions. The New Palace stands as a magnificent display of Baroque architecture and grandeur at the western end of Sanssouci Park. Cecilienhof Country House was the site of the Potsdam Conference, where leaders determined post-WWII order in 1945. The Babelsberg Film Studio offers a different slice of history as the oldest large-scale film studio in the world, spotlighting Potsdam’s significance in cinema history. Lastly, for a touch of nature, The Biosphere Potsdam presents a vast greenhouse housing numerous tropical plants and wildlife.

But Potsdam is not just about history—it is also an academic hub with its own university culture. Furthermore, its proximity to Berlin means the city mixes quiet suburban life with the vibrancy of being close to a cosmopolitan capital.

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What’s the best area to stay in Potsdam?

Potsdam's City Center is the best area to stay in this German city.
Potsdam’s City Center is the best area to stay in this German city.

The best area to stay in Potsdam is the city center due to its convenient location. It is close to major attractions such as Sanssouci Park and historical sites, which means less travel time. Additionally, the city center offers a variety of shops, restaurants, and hotels catering to different budgets, making it ideal.

Find available accommodation in Potsdam City Center.

Best Hotels in Potsdam City Center

Where to Stay in Potsdam: District by District

1. Sanssouci

The best area to stay in Potsdam for art & culture

The Sansoucci area boasts lush gardens, stunning palaces, rich history, beautiful architecture, and excellent museums.

The Sanssouci area boasts lush gardens, stunning palaces, rich history, beautiful architecture, and excellent museums.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Potsdam:
  • Sanssouci Palace
  • Beautiful palace gardens
  • Historical significance
  • Neues Palais
  • Orangery Palace
  • Chinese Tea House
  • Picturesque photo spots
  • Nearby Dutch Quarter

The Schloss Sanssouci area is packed with beautiful landmarks rich in Prussian history. The Schloss Sanssouci itself, a former summer palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, forms the centerpiece of this district. Constructed between 1745 and 1747 under the supervision of architect Georg Wenzeslaus von Knobelsdorff, the palace exemplifies Rococo architecture and is renowned for its terraced vineyards and stunning gardens. It forms part of the broader Potsdam cultural landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Adjacent to the palace are additional historic structures, such as the Neues Palais, erected from 1763 to 1769 to celebrate the end of the Seven Years’ War. This expansive compound, with its majestic Baroque facades and internal Friedrichian Rococo decor, offers insight into 18th-century splendor. The Chinese House atrium and Orangery Palace are other attractions found in the park’s landscape.

Park Sanssouci train station offers regular regional train services connecting Potsdam with Berlin’s central areas. RE1 connects Berlin Hauptbahnhof to the park in approximately 40 minutes, while trains to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER) take roughly one hour. The palace complex is a 15-minute walk to Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, a central hub for numerous commuter lines to Berlin.

Best Hotels near Sanssouci Palace

Hotel Villa Monte Vino
Best 4-star hotel
Hotel Villa Monte Vino

This 4-star hotel is a traditional 19th-century tower villa, a 3-minute walk from Potsdam’s Sanssouci Palace. It features a beautiful hilltop location, wonderful views, on-site parking, and a charging station for electric cars.

Design Apartments - "Villa Arnim"
Best serviced apartments
Design Apartments – “Villa Arnim”

Design Apartments – “Villa Arnim” offers accommodation with free Wifi and a kitchen with a microwave, a toaster, and a fridge.

Pension Sanssouci
Best B&B
Pension Sanssouci

Pension Sanssouci is located in Potsdam, just a 10-minute walk from the center and all its attractions. Free Wi-Fi access is available at the accommodations.

2. Innenstadt (City Center)

The most central and best-connected area in Potsdam

Innenstadt literally means inner city and is Potsdam's city center

Innenstadt literally means “inner city” and is Potsdam’s city center.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Potsdam:
  • Proximity to cultural sites
  • Lots of dining options
  • Easy public transportation access
  • Charming historical architecture
  • Vibrant shopping district
  • Picturesque Dutch Quarter

Innenstadt, the inner city of Potsdam, is located at the geographical heart of this historical city. This district serves as Potsdam’s administrative and cultural center.

Innenstadt’s layout is traced directly to Potsdam’s development as a residence of Prussian kings and the German Kaiser until 1918. It is famous for its role as a garrison town of the Prussian Empire in the 17th century. It’s one of the most prominent examples of baroque city planning, and it’s home to palaces and parks designed during the reign of Frederick the Great in the mid-18th century.

Innenstadt is about a 10-minute walk to Sanssouci Park. It features the Neuer Garten with its Marble Palace and Cecilienhof Country House, famous for hosting the Potsdam Conference in 1945. The Dutch Quarter, with its red-brick buildings reminiscent of Holland in the 18th century, houses artisan boutiques and workshops.

Public transport within Innenstadt consists of several tram and bus lines, with stops at Luisenplatz-Süd/Park Sanssouci and Platz der Einheit/West. For regional connections, Potsdam’s Hauptbahnhof connects Potsdam to Brandenburg and Berlin.

Best Hotels in Innenstadt (Potsdam)

Hotel Am Jägertor
Best 4-star hotel
Hotel Am Jägertor

This elegant, 4-star hotel in the Old Town of Potsdam offers free Wi-Fi, soundproofed rooms, creative cuisine, and a conservatory facing the historic Jägertor gate. Sanssouci Palace is 10 minutes away.

Hotel zum Hofmaler
Best 3-star hotel
Hotel zum Hofmaler

The Hotel zum Hofmaler is situated in the Dutch quarter at the heart of the historic town of Potsdam, where history is alive.

B&B Hotel Potsdam
Best budget hotel
B&B Hotel Potsdam

All rooms at B&B Hotel Potsdam are soundproofed and air-conditioned and include a flat-screen TV with free Sky satellite channels. Each room also provides a desk, wardrobe, and a private bathroom with a shower and washbasin.

Amaroo - Apartments Potsdam Brandenburger Tor
Best serviced apartments
Amaroo – Apartments Potsdam Brandenburger Tor

Amaroo – Apartments Potsdam “Brandenburger Tor” provides accommodations in the center of Potsdam, with free Wifi and a kitchen with a dishwasher, an oven, and a microwave.

Best B&B

This guest house is in Potsdam’s beautiful Holländerviertel (Dutch Quarter), between the Sanssouci and Celicienhof palaces. It offers modern rooms with free Wi-Fi access.

3. Babelsberg

A quiet and green district area to stay in Potsdam

Located east of Potsdam's city center, Babelsberg is a quiet residential area home to some attractions

Located east of Potsdam’s city center, Babelsberg is a quiet residential area home to some attractions.

    Why is this the best area to stay in Potsdam:
  • Historical atmosphere
  • Filmmuseum Potsdam
  • Babelsberg Park
  • Griebnitzsee Lake

Babelsberg, situated in the southeastern part of Potsdam, offers visitors an insight into Germany’s cinematic heritage within a residential setting. The main attraction in the area is Babelsberg Film Studio. Established in 1912, it is the oldest large-scale film studio in the world. The studio produced cult classics, such as The Dance of Death (1912) and Metropolis (1927). Some of the contemporary internationally acclaimed films produced here include The Monuments Men (2014), The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 (2015), and Charlie’s Angels (2019).

Adjacent to the film studio is Filmpark Babelsberg, a theme park focused on the exploration of cinematic processes and the history of cinema through interactive attractions and exhibits.

Furthermore, Park Babelsberg encompasses extensive grounds with picturesque views over Tiefer See, a lake providing scenic vistas and opportunities for recreation. This park features 19th-century landscape design and outdoor activities like jogging and picnicking.

In terms of nightlife, Babelsberg has a subdued profile with a few cafes and bistros.

Key transit points in Babelsberg include the S-Bahn station Babelsberg, as well as Griebnitzsee station, which provides direct train services to central Potsdam and Berlin. In addition, tram services operate along Rudolf-Breitscheid-Straße.

Best Hotels in Babelsberg

Anno 1900 Hotel Babelsberg
Best boutique hotel
Anno 1900 Hotel Babelsberg

This family-run hotel is set in a historic villa in Potsdam. It offers a garden, daily breakfast buffets, and easy transport connections.

Where to Look for Accommodation in Potsdam: Useful Info

Potsdam is the capital of the federal state of Brandenburg. Situated in northeastern Germany, Potsdam lies along the River Havel and within the Berlin metropolitan area.

Though only 40 kilometers from Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, Potsdam stands as an impressive tourist destination and ranks among Germany’s most beautiful cities.

Potsdam’s allure stems from its role as the Prussian royal family’s residence, resulting in numerous neoclassical, baroque, and rococo palaces and monuments throughout the city.

Immigration also shaped Potsdam, with religious freedom in the seventeenth century leading to a vast collection of architectural styles. Dutch-inspired buildings, Russian village-style wooden homes, and French-influenced Protestant churches make Potsdam a cultural mosaic.

The city’s main attraction is the striking Sanssouci Palace, a captivating blend of baroque and romantic styles. Its surrounding area offers the best accommodations in Potsdam.

Spring and summer are ideal for visiting, though autumn and winter showcase picturesque scenery. Expect rainy summers and potentially sub-zero winters in this city.

Compact enough for walking, Potsdam also provides tram and bus public transportation. As it’s part of Berlin’s metropolitan area, light rail systems S-Bahn (lines S1 and S7) connect both cities along with regional trains servicing other East German destinations.