Best Areas to Stay in Berlin – Top Districts and Hotels

Best Areas to Stay in Berlin
Best Areas to Stay in Berlin

The German capital is arguably the most exciting and happening place in Europe. Being such a huge city with such a plethora of things to see and do, it is normal that visitors want to find out which are the best areas to stay in Berlin.

Best areas to stay in Berlin
Best areas to stay in Berlin

Choosing an accommodation option will also depend on your reasons to visit Berlin.

For example, if you’re planning to meet the city’s wild clubbing scene and its devotion to techno, one of the best areas to stay in Berlin for nightlife would be ideal.

Below is a list of the most popular areas to stay in Berlin with a brief description of what you will find in each district.

The Best Areas to Stay in Berlin

1. Best area: Mitte

Stay in Mitte
Best area to stay in Berlin for sightseeing: Mitte

Mitte is the actual city centre of Berlin and its name actually means “Middle” when translated into English. It encompasses a huge area of the city centre-east. Mitte is also the place where the most well-known monuments and sights are found.

It is the most iconic district of Berlin. This is where the city was born in the twelfth century, although judging by its current architecture that connection is hard to make. The whole area was the heart and soul of East Berlin during GDR times and acted as the political hub of the communist part in the divided city.

Mitte is probably the best area to stay in Berlin for a first visit to the city and for those looking to be near all the sights and attractions.

Map of Mitte
Accommodation in Mitte – Click to see all hotels on a map

Amont its numerous attractions, we can find the famous Museum Island (where the top Berlin Museums can be found), the Berlin Cathedral, the Reichstag building, shopping street Friedrchstrasse, Brandenburg Gate, Alexanderplatz and the old Berlin Jewish Neighborhood.

It is a huge and diverse district. Here you can find all kinds of establishments, from cheap hostels for backpackers, to the most luxurious hotels, it all comes down to the area you choose and the budget you have. Price ranges can be anywhere from 14 euro for a bunk in a shared room to 300+ euro in one of the iconic Berlin hotels in Mitte. However, keeping in mind that this is the city centre and when compared to the rates in other capitals such as Paris, Rome or London, staying in Mitte is relatively inexpensive.

Hand-picked hotels in Mitte

  • Hotel Luise Kunsthotel - best location hotel in Mitte
    Our Top Choice in Mitte

    The great Arte Luise Kunshotel has uniquely decorated rooms and a perfect location in the best area to stay in Berlin. It also has a 8/10 rating among customers and excelent inexpensive rates.

  • Best Hostel in Berlin Mitte - Generator
    Best Hostel in Mitte

    The Generator Hostel Mitte is an urban hostel with a young hip, modern and youthful vibe, located in one of the most vibrant neighborhoods of the Mitte district, steps away from the Old Synagogue.

  • Best areas to stay in Berlin Mitte - Easyhotel
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    The Easyhotel Hackescher Markt is located in a very central street, around Rosenthaler Platz and right next to the u-bahn station. It has simple-yet-modern rooms.

  • Best Luxury Hotel de Berlin
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The Adlon Kempinski Hotel is one of the icons and most luxurious hotels in Berlin. Located right next to Brandenburg Gate, on Parisier Platz, it is a symbol of the city.

2. Around Friedrichstrasse and Checkpoint Charlie

Although three decades ago this central street was almost completely engulfed behind of the Berlin Wall, today Friedrichstraße is probably the highest expression of capitalism as far as capitalism goes.

As the prime shopping street in Berlin, Friedrichstraße is where most international shop brands and high-end retailers have their flagship shops.

Map of Friedrichstrasse
Accommodation around Friedrichstrasse – Click to see all hotels on a map

It is also where the biggest theatres and music halls are located. The area boasts some fine dining options, along with some tourist traps.

Accommodation options around this area tend to be quite pricey, with some hotels from big corporate brands such as Meliá or Eurostars, and some other smaller more boutique style options. The cheaper area here is the one around the south end of the street, nearby Checkpoint Charlie, while prices and quality reach a very high point around the affluent and very elegant Gendarmenmarkt Square.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for a first visit!

Hand picked accommodation around Friedrichstrasse / Checkpoint Charlie

  • Hotel Melià Berlin - hotel on Friedrichstrasse
    Our Top Pick

    Melià Berlin Hotel is located in the very heart of Berlin Mitte, on Friedrichstrasse. It has a 9/10 rating, so it is one of the favourite choices in the city.

  • Gat Point Charlie
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    The Gat Point Charlie Hotel is a great option to stay near the centric Stadmitte u-Bahn station, a stone’s-throw away from Friedrichstrasse.

  • Westin Grand Berlin
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The Westin Grand Berlin Hotel is probably the best-located luxury establishment in all Berlin. It has spacious rooms, palace-like architecture and a great spa.

3. Around Brandenburg Gate

Stay near Brandeburg Gate in Berlin
Best area to stay in Berlin for a luxury trip: Around Brandenburg Gate

Options near the U-Bahn stations: Brandenburg Tor, Bundestag.
Price range (double room nightly rate): € 80 – € 300+.

Brandenburg Gate and neighbouring Reichstag are arguably the most recognizable landmarks in Berlin. This area concentrates most of the important institutions of the German government, such as the Bundestag and many ministries and embassies.

The wide and elegant Unter den Linden avenue perfectly represents the majesty of this area full of palaces, public buildings, museums and diplomatic delegations.

mapa puerta de Brandeburgo
Accommodation around Brandenburg Gate – Click to see all hotels on a map

There’s no place for cheap hotels here. This the single most ostentatious address in Berlin, so expect the prices to be accordingly astronomical.

If you feel like splurging, there’s no place like the iconic Adlon Hotel on Pariser Platz.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for a luxury getaway!

Hand-picked accommodation around Brandenburg Gate

  • Best hostel around Brandenburg Gate
    Best hostel

    The City is a youth hostel. Inexpensive, basic and fun, located 700 meters from Brandenburg Gate and near all the city attractions. It offers shared and private rooms.

  • BNB near Brandenburg Gate
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    The BNB near Brandenburg Gate has a very descriptive name. It is a mid-range bed and breakfast neer uhban station Mohrenstrasse and the Holocaust Memorial in lively Mitte.

  • Hotel Adlon Kempinksi
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The palace-like Adlon Kempinski Hotel is the best option to stay in Berlin when you’re rich, famous or want to splurge and be pampered. It’s a luxurious 5-star hotel on the single most exclusive square in Berlin.

4. Potsdamer Platz and around

Stay around Potsdamer Platz
Best area to stay in Berlin for entertainment: Potsdamer Platz

Hotels near the U-Bahn and S-Bahn stations: Potsdamer Platz.
Price range (double room nightly rate): € 55 – € 300+

What used to be nobody’s land after WWII and well into the 90s, Potsdamer Platz has been the target of an extensive urban plan to give Berlin a financial, commercial and entertainment district. Home to the city’s tallest office towers and largest shopping centre (Berlin Mall), as well as some interesting museums like the German Cinema Museum, this area is not to be missed.

Potsdamer Platz is home to many big-name hotels, in particular American business chains like Marriott or Hyatt.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for entertainment!

Hand-picked accommodation around Potsdamer Platz

  • Stay around Potsdamer Platz - Motel One
    Top pick hotel

    The Motel One Potsdamer Platz is a boutique-style establishment located a few meters from Potsdamer Platz and its entertainment and shopping venues. The rooms are spacious with chic and urban decor.

  • Staying on Potsdamer Platz - Mandala Hotel
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The luxurious Mandala Hotel is one of Berlin’s favourite luxury establishments. With a 9/10 rating on booking engines and lower prices than most other 5-stars in town, it’s by far the best accommodation option around Potsdamer Platz. It has great apartments, a gym and a marvellous spa.

5. Alexanderplatz and around

Best area to stay in Berlin for a first visit: Alexanderplatz

Accommodation by the u-bahn and s-bahn stations: Alexanderplatz, Weinmeisterstrasse, Rosenthaler Platz .
Price range (average room rates per night): € 35 – € 300+

This iconic square could be classed as the historical center of Berlin, although this is hardly noticeable judging by the size and style of the buildings around it.

Severely damaged during the WWII, the area landed under Soviet rule during the GDR era.

The communist administration decided not to rebuilt the city into its previous state, but to create a new, (then) state of the art socialist paradise of epic proportions, based on some of the premises of socialism like equality… and a huge amount of prefabricated concrete, the cement jungle that is now East Berlin was born.

Mapa Alexanderplatz
Accommodation around Alexanderplatz – Click to see all hotels on a map

Hotels in this are in general more affordable than those anywhere else on Mitte, while being in a very central and well-connected area of Berlin.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for sightseeing!

Hand picked accommodation around Alexanderplatz

  • Hotel on Alexanderplatz - Park Inn Alexanderplatz Berlin
    Our Top Pick

    The Park Inn Berlin Alexanderplatz is an iconic hotel in Berlin- Located technically in the middle of the square, this 125 meters tall hotel is the tallest habitable building in town. It has amazing views over the city and the TV tower.

  • Best Hostel in Berlin Mitte - Generator
    Best hostel

    The Generator Mitte hostel is located in the old Berlin Jewish Neighborhood, very close to Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz and across from the Old Syanagogue.

  • Easyhotel Mitte
    Mejor hotel inexpensive

    The Easyhotel Hackescher Markt is probably the best budget hotel in Berlin, with cheap prices and high quality, it is a favorite among budget conscious travelers. It’s also locates in one of the most lively areas.

  • Best Luxury Hotel in Berlin
    Mejores apartamentos

    Lovely Rosenthal Apartments are luxurious tourist studios and apartments around the vibrant Rosenthaler Platz area, only two u-bahn stations away from Alexanderplatz in one of the nicest areas of Mitte.

6. Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Staying in Berlin Charlottenburg
Best areas to stay in Berlin: Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Best hotel options around the u-Bahn: Zoologischer Garten, Ernst Reuter Platz, Charlottenburg, Kaiserdamm.
Price range (double room per night): € 40 – € 300+

Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf consists of two neighbourhoods that have merged and it is located in the former West Berlin. It is an area that is popular with families and professionals. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, it has continued to change and adapt. It has historical sites such as the Tiergarten and the Charlottenburg Palace. The 32-storey Zoofenster gives it a cosmopolitan vibe.

Map of Charlottenburg - Wilmersdorf
Accommodation in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf – Click to see all hotels on a map

Recently, the area has seen more five star restaurants arriving along with modern hotels. Expensive shops and expensive rents have made this an area that is quiet with a relaxed atmosphere.

The Charlottenburg area has very bourgeois feeling and, although it may not seem very central, it could be the perfect place to sleep in Berlin if you are in search of a quiet environment and / or good transport links to the Berlin fairgrounds.

This is also the area where the main Berlin long distance coach station (ZOB) is located.

7. Around Kurfürstendamm

Best area to stay in Berlin for shopping: Around Kurfürstendamm

Hotels by the U-Bahn: Zoologischer Garten, Kurfürstendamm, Wittenbergplatz.
Price range (rates for a double room per night): € 60 – € 300+

Kurfürstendamm Street, or what Berliners would call Ku’damm, is the heart of former West Berlin. For years it was considered the prime location for shopping in the German capital. It was, in many ways, the epitome of capitalism in the Allied-controlled area.

Kurfürstendamm is a vibrant shoppind district, with verywell known hotel chains and upmarket restaurants. When it comes to sights, around Ku’damm you can find the Berlin Zoo, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and luxury shopping retailer KaDeWe. Hotels in this area tend to be on the expensive side. However, this isone of the best areas to stay in Berlin due to the good transport connections and the wide varieaty of restaurants and entertainment venues.

Map of Kudamm
Accommodation around Kurfürstendamm – Click to see all hotels on a map

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for shopping!

Hand picked accommodation around Kurfürstendamm

  • Hotel en Kudamm
    Our Top Choice in Ku’damm

    The unique Hollywood Media Hotel am Kurfürstendamm is one of the most original hotels in Berlin. Inspired by Hollywood’s Gold Age, this establishment, located right in the Ku’damm area also boasts a lovely spa. Rooms are named after Hollywood celebrities.

  • Best hostel en Kudamm
    Best hostel

    The City Bed am Kurfürstendamm is a backpacker’s hostel, pefect to stay in one of the premium Berlin neighborhoods but at a cheap price. It is located nearby u-bahn station Uhlandstrasse.

  • Hotel barato en Berlin Oeste
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    Seifert Berlin am Kurfürstendamm Hotel is a mid-range hotel located in a early 20th century building in the heart of West Berlin. It has simple rooms and friendly rates.

  • Best Luxury Hotel en Kudamm
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The lush Waldorf Astoria Berlin is located in one of berlin’s tallest skyscrapers by the Zoologischer Garten station. It offers the expected luxury from a 5* hotel and some of the best views of the city. It also has a spa.

8. Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Best area to stay in Berlin for nightlife: Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg

Accommodation near the u-bahn: Kottbusser Tor, Warschauer Strasse, Frankfurter Tor, Schlesisches Tor.
Price range (double room per night): € 30 – € 300+

Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is probably the most popular district in Berlin. This area is effectively made up of two neighborhoods that share the same lifestyle trends. The words “alternative”, “indie” or “hipster” don’t even start describing the atmosphere here.

In addition to the characteristic atmosphere of the district, the area has several tourist attractions such as the Berlin Jewish Museum, the Oberbaum bridge, the Science Museum and the East Side Gallery; a preserved, graffitti-covered, stretch of the old wall that divided the city.

Map Friedrichshain - Kreuzberg
Accommodation in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg – Click to see all hotels on a map

But that’s not all, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg is home to Berlin’s best-known nightlife areas. Techno music institutions such as Berghain , Tresor o KitKatClub are all in the district and the legendary street Warschauer Strasse and its surrounding area concentrates countless clubs, bars and music venues.

In Kreuzberg there is a large Turkish community and a cosmopolitan and international feeling. This is also the must-go-to area for aspiring artists looking for the right creative environment, the area is known for its eclectic graffiti and wall paintings.

The river separates Kreuzberg from Friedrichshain and a quick trip across the Oberbaum Bridge brings you to the second neighborhood, this also marks the East Side Gallery, the former Berlin Wall now consists of 150 wall paintings created by a collection of international artists.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for nightlife!

Hand-picked hotels in Kreuzberg & Friedrischain

  • Most original hostel in Berlin
    Our Top Pick

    The OSTEL – Das DDR Hostel is an interesting property inspired in the GDR era. With groovy 60s decor, a stay here is a trip to the past. It is also a stone’s throw away from Berghain.

  • Best hostel
    Best hostel

    TheGrand Hostel Berlin is one of the highest rated hostels in town, with a 9/10 rating. It is the best place for a budget stay in the German capital and it’s well connected by the u-bahn to the rest of the city.

  • Cheap hotel with a pool in Berlin - Plus Berlin
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    The Plus Berlin hotel is simple and inexpensive, with a covered pool in the Warschauer Strasse area. Its rating is 8/10.

  • Concept hotel in Berlin - NHow
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The nhow Berlin hotel is located by the river Spree. It is a concept hotel dedicated to music. It boasts unique decor and offers amazing views over the river and city.

9. Prenzlauer Berg

Best location in Berlin: Prenzlauer Berg

Hotels near the U-Bahn: Eberswalder Strasse, Schönhauser Allee, Senefelder Platz.
Price range (double room per night): € 50 – € 300+

Prenzlauer Berg lured in creative professionals and artists once the city was reunified, but following a substantial amount of refurbishment and gentrification, the neighborhood is now a lot more upmarket.

Whilst Kreuzberg is the choice for those in search of the punk or alternative scenes, Prenzlauer is one of the most sought after neighborhoods in which to work and live.

Map of Prenzlauer Berg
Accommodation in Prenzlauer Berg – Click to see all hotels on a map

Some of its attractions include the Kulturbrauerei (former brewery converted into a cultural center), Berlin’s former Jewish cemetery and the leisure areas of Danziger and Sredzkistrasse.

It has boutiques, restaurants, bars, art galleries and cafes and all are close at hand and the area boasts a more green and organic lifestyle.

Somehow, Prenzlauer Berg is a mix of Mitte’s artistic touch and Kreuzberg party atmosphere and one of the most interesting sleeping areas in Berlin and discover its different facets.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for families!

Hand-picked hotels in Prenzlauer Berg

  • Linnen Prenzlauer Berg
    Our Top Pick

    The Linnen Apartments have two locations in Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte. They are luxurious apartments, decorated with care and keeping an eye on the smallest details.

  • Prenzlauer Berg Hotel - Transit
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    The Transit Loft Hotel is a mid-range hotel located in an old 19th century factory in the Berliner district of Prenzlauer Berg. It has simple yet comfortable rooms.

  • Design hotel in Prenzlauer Berg
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The fantastic Adele Designhotel is a boutique hotel located in Prenzlauer Berg, close to the tram and Volspark Friedrichshain Park. It is a themed hotel with art deco furniture and a very sophisticated vibe.

10. Schöneberg

Map of Schöneberg

Accommodation near the u-bahn: Wittenbergplatz, Nollendorf Platz, Viktoria-Luise Platz.
Price range (double room per night): € 50 – € 300+

Schöneberg has traditionally been the most upmarket district in Central Berlin. Located on West Berlin, this neighborhood is relaxed and gentrified. The area around Nollendorf Platz is famous as the epicenter of gay nightlife in Berlin and several restaurants, bars, nightclubs and hotels cater to the LGBT community.

This is the best area to stay in Berlin for LGTB travelers!

Hand-picked hotels in Schöneberg

  • Quentin Design Hotel Schöneberg
    Our Top Pick

    The Quentin Design Hotel Berlin is located on Kalckreuthstrasse, very close to Nollendorf Platz and Schöneberg’s legendary nightlife. The decor is elegant and luxurious, typical for a boutique hotel.

  • Pension Classic
    Top B&B

    Pension Classic is a very inexpensive Bed and Breakfast located in Schöneberg, a stone’s throw away from Wittenbergplatz u-bahn station and the famous KaDeWe department stores. It has simple rooms with very cheap rates.

  • Hotel Auberge
    Best Mid-Range Hotel

    The Comfort Hotel Auberge is a budget hotel with a clasic decor located in an old building in the district of Schöneberg, around Wittenbergplatz. Its rooms are basic and comfortable.

  • Luxury Hotel Schöneberg
    Best Luxury Hotel

    The great RIU Plaza Hotel Berlin is a modern and elegant 4-star establishment, located right on Martin-Luther-Strasse, it boasts ample rooms and great views of Berlin. It’s located 5 minutes away fromWittenbergplatz and KaDeWe.

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