Guest Posts

This blog accepts guest posts

Guest articles are especially useful for bloggers just starting out in the blogging world and wanting to reach new audiences or build a portfolio of collaborative work to help them as a freelance writer.

XIXERONE.COM can serve as a platform to promote travel anecdotes, photo-reports or travel advice and bring traffic to your own travel blog, YouTube page, Facebook or Twitter.

Which types of guest posts work best

Posts about tourist attractions, lists, tips and reviews are the types of articles that work best on XIXERONE.COM.

Obviously, any type of story is welcome as long as it is related to travel, tourism, lifestyle, gastronomy or travel photography.

XIXERONE.COM is an extremely visual site, articles with quality photos are always the most popular.

Posts from different destinations or that complement well the already published destinations will be appreciated.

What you get out of it

You will receive full credit for your work. Your name will appear as the author of the post.

A (dofollow) link will also be included to your website, your Facebook page or your Twitter profile.

XIXERONE.COM is a travel blog with good SEO metrics, so a link from this blog will increase the relevance of your page at the same time.

The promotion on social networks is done automatically through the XIXERONE.COM Facebook and Twitter accounts, although it is appreciated if you also make your guest post known to your followers.

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Guest Posting Rules

1. Blogger-only

Only articles submitted by travel bloggers with their own blog will be accepted.

If you are a freelance copywriter or a corporate blogger, you can only publish on your behalf and not on behalf of the company you represent.

2. Linking policy

Posts with external links of a commercial nature, affiliation links or advertising of any kind to private companies are not allowed unless justified by the nature of the article (for example, to a restaurant or a shop, etc.).

3. Unique content

The content of the guest post must be unique and cannot have been published in any other online medium (including your own blog).

4. Images and words

The post must be at least 1000 words and have at least 4 images (min. 690 pixels wide).

Images do not need to be unique, but they can not be watermarked.

The file names of the images must be explanatory of what the image shows (views-of-barcelona-from-the-sagrada-familia.jpg is better than DCM0000297.jpg).

5. Editing

XIXERONE.COM reserves the right to edit the content before or after publishing it and to add internal and external links.

6. Article voice and tone

The article should reflect the voice of the writer. Posts with a corporate or impersonal tone are not accepted.

7. Copyright & cession of rights

The guest blogger accepts that the content submitted (including text and photos) is their property or that they have the rights for its publication .

XIXERONE.COM does not require any kind of transfer of copyright for articles submitted by guest bloggers.

At all times, the guest blogger retains their copyright of their content but accepts that said content be posted on the XIXERONE.COM website.

Shall the guest blogger wish to delete their published content, they must notify us in writing to the same email address.

How to guest post on XIXERONE.COM

This is the process to submit a guets post on this blog:

1. Email info(at) with the following information:

Provisional title of the article.
A summary of the article (no more than 3 or 4 lines).
References (personal blog or website).
2. From XIXERONE.COM the submitted idea is evaluated and answered, either to give the go-ahead or to refocus the article if deemed necessary.

3. We will provide the guest blogger with a username and password so that they can create the post directly on WordPress.

4. Once the article is finished, we’ll find a date for publication.

5. We publish your article on the agreed date.

6. The article is promoted on Twitter and Facebook accounts.