Where to stay in Bari, Italy - Best areas and hotels

Where to stay in Bari, Italy – Best areas and hotels

Wondering where to stay in Bari? It doesn’t matter if you’re in town to take a cruise of the Adriatic Sea, a ferry to Croatia or Greece or as the start of your Apulia adventure. We got you covered!

Since ancient times, this port city of southern Italy, bathed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea, has changed inhabitants like seasons. It has been Greek, Roman, Saracen and Italian, but it is definitely universal now. Although the history of Bari as a tourist destination goes back almost one century, this last decade the city has experienced a new boom, where its historical architecture; that had been dilapidating with time, has been revamped to become a center of cultural activity and tourism in the city.

Today we can enjoy both sides of Bari, by day, a beautiful white sand port with large and beautiful places of worship (such as the Basilica of St. Nicholas or the Cathedral of St. Sabino) bathed by a pleasant radiant sun; and by night, the art galleries, restaurants, bars and night clubs will keep us going.

When it comes to places to stay in Bari, prices will vary according to the type of establishment, the neighborhood we choose and especially how central they are. Usually, places near the harbour or the main places of night entertainment, are more expensive. The average price for a double room in the city is €78 per night (from pensions and B&B to 5 star hotels). But it varies widely, you can get comfortable and nice places to stay up to €37 a night, while one of the best rooms in the city, can cost up to €300.

As for the best area to stay in Bari, the district of Bari Centro is definitely the most convenient and beautiful.

Now we will give you a breakdown of the different districts of Bari and we will give you specific recommendations in each one of them so you can find the best area to stay in Bari according to your needs.

Accommodation map for Bari, Italy

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Hostels and cheap accommodation in central Bari.


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The best areas to stay in Bari, Italy

1. Bari Vecchia

Bari Vecchia is the name given to the center of the city, more specifically the tangle of narrow cobbled streets of the medieval district that in ancient times gave birth to what we now know as Bari.

It is the most charming area of the city, full of narrow streets and buildings dating from the XII century to the present day. Until not long ago, the area was famous, or rather infamous as a dangerous neighborhood.

Since the mid 90’s, however, local authorities have been renovating the neighborhood thoroughly and nowadays Bari Vecchia is one of the best areas to stay in Bari if you want to be close to medieval monuments and experience neighborhood life in the “deep south” of Italy.

In this area you can find the two main historical monuments and religious centers of the city, the Cathedral of San Sabino and the Basilica of San Nicola, both in Romanesque styles.

It is an excellent gastronomic area, with many options of traditional restaurants and it is also full of alternative bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Where to stay in Bari - Bari Vecchia

Where to stay in Bari – Bari Vecchia

Why stay here:

  • Super central location
  • Medieval architecture
  • Nightlife
  • Markets
  • Cultural attractions
  • Accessible by foot

Hand-picked accommodation in Bari Vecchia

  •  Top Pick
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

B&B dei Meravigli

Lovely B&B dei Meravigli is one hundred meters from the Basilica of St. Nicholas and seven hundred from the Petruzelli Theater, in one of the best areas to stay in Bari.

from €70

Palazzo Verrone

Palazzo Verrone is a simple guesthouse located two minutes walk from the Basilica of St. Nicholas in Bari Vecchia. It has a score of 9.2/10 on hotel search engines.

from €46

Le Nicchie

Le Nicchie is a luxury guesthouse located in the heart of Bari. It offers a terrace with views of the city, private bathrooms in all rooms and a shared kitchen.

from €99

Apartamento Arco Basso

Fantastic Apartamento Arco Basso offers luxury accommodation in the center of Bari. With all the advantages of an independent apartment and an ideal location, these apartments have an almost perfect score on hotel search engines.

from €119



2. Murat (Bari Central)

The Murat district of Bari extends between the railroad track and the town’s sea promenade (Lungomare).

It was conceived as an extension of the Città Vecchia, built in the nineteenth century as an orthogonal grid, in the likes of similar expansion projects in Barcelona and Madrid.

Murat is undoubtedly the most vibrant district of the capital of Apulia. This area houses many of the most popular and vital places of the city, such as Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Piazza Umberto I, it’s also home to the beautiful building of the Università degli Studi.

It is a very good area to stay in Bari due to the proximity of the train station, shopping options and its refined character.

Best areas to stay in Bari, Italy - Murat

Best areas to stay in Bari, Italy – Murat

Why stay here:

  • City centre
  • Refined atmosphere
  • Shopping areas
  • Nightlife
  • Near the train station
  • Università degli Studi

Hand-picked accommodation in Central Bari

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Hotel Imago

Beautiful Hotel Imago is a four star hotel with an almost perfect score located seven minutes from the train station and fifteen minutes from Bari Vecchia.

from €80

Residenze Principe Amedeo

The Residenze Principe Amedeo offers close accommodation and excellent service in the center of Bari, 600 meters from the Petruzelli Theater and 500 meters from the University, in the elegant Murat district.

from €64

Oriente Hotel

Fabulous Oriente Hotel is a luxurious four-star hotel housed in a historic building dating back to the early 20th century. It is located halfway between the Petruzelli Theater and the train station.

from €95

Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni

Luxurious Grande Albergo Delle Nazioni is an iconic hotel in Bari. It is a five star luxury hotel with sea viewa and a pool.

from €122



3. Around the Harbour

One of the best areas to stay in Bari if your goal is to take a cruise or ferry to Croatia or Greece.

This is one of the most beautiful and heterogeneous neighborhoods of the city, its architecture is varied, combining modern buildings with others much older and encompassing all imaginable architectural styles. This gives this area a peculiar and pleasant dynamic character.

It also contains daytime art galleries, white beaches are only a few meters from the harbor with one of the city’s most delightful attractions, traditional fishermen who sell the their catch right on the beach, from the sea to your plate.

Staying around Bari Harbour

Staying around Bari Harbour

Why stay here:

  • Close to the harbour
  • Varied architecture
  • Access to the beach
  • Fresh seafood
  • Artistic atmosphere
  • Access to public transport

Hand-picked accommodation around the Harbour in Bari

  •  Top Pick

La Muraglia

La Muraglia is a luxury B&B with excellent sea views located 600 meters from the port and with an almost perfect score in the search engines.

from €99



4. Around San Nicola Stadium

Located in the southwestern area of town, but not far from the center, you’ll find Saint Nicola Stadium, home of the Bari sports association, a national football team. It is the second largest stadium in Italy. It also houses all kinds of big city events, like festivals and concerts.

Its surroundings are dotted with modern type architecture.

The area has also much lower accommodation costs and extensive connectivity with public transport services to Bari and other surrounding towns and cities.

Stay near San Nicola Stadium in Bari, Italy

Stay near San Nicola Stadium in Bari, Italy

Why stay here:

  • Quiet neighbourhood
  • Connected by public transport
  • Near the stadium
  • Cheap accommodation

Hand-picked accommodation around San Nicola Stadium

  •  Top Pick

B&B Mirage

Lovely B&B Mirage is located one kilometer from the San Nicola stadium in Bari. It offers cheap accommodation in the best area to stay in Bari for a football game or a concert.

from €41



5. Around the airport

Along the coast, 8km from the center of Bari heading north, lies Palese, and the Karol Wojtyla International Airport, the main airport of Puglia, with national and European connections and operations of the main low-cost airlines.




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