Where to stay in Naples - Best areas and hotels

Where to stay in Naples – Best areas and hotels

Looking for the best areas to stay in Napoli? It does not matter if you visit this Italian city to take a cruise on the Mediterranean, a ferry, or as the beginning of your adventure in Campania. We got you covered!

If there is a place in Italy where chaos becomes art, it is in Naples. The Southern Italian city boasts a wild, mistic beauty that will charm every visitor who walks its streets.

This is especially true when we talk about food, there is no better pizza on earth than the one coming from a Neapolitan oven. They say it is simply impossible to get a single bad pizza in Naples.

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In addition to pizza, local chefs do not stop reinventing themselves. “Scialatielli ai frutti di mare”, “Struffoli” and “Sfogliatelle” delight the palates of patrons. On each place there’s a delicious and different experience to be had.

With an old town over 2500 years old, and a collection of plazas, churches, museums, galleries and more, Naples has as many places to visit as people on its streets. Thanks to the beauty and strategic position of the city, both Greek and Roman, Spanish and Byzantine, basically all Mediterranean civilisations have come and left its stamp in Naples, the city where the old ones feel young, and the young, themselves.

It should be noted that being such a touristy place, Naples is not as cheap as other Italian towns. Even so, depending on how far away from the center of Naples you are willing to stay, the prices can be up to about 50% more affordable.

The rate of double rooms per night in the city centre is around € 90 for 3-star hotels, € 140 for 4-star hotels and €250 or more for 5-star hotels.

In the following list you will find the best areas to stay in Naples, along with a small explanation of what which area has to offer and a select list of the best options to stay in each quarter.

Naples hotels on a map

Hotels in Naples - Click to see all options on a map (opens in a new tab)

Hotels in Naples – Click to see all options on a map (opens in a new tab)

Accommodation Options in Naples

Hotels in Naples

The best accommodation options to stay in the Campanian capital.

Hostels in Naples

Hostels and very cheap accommodation in central Naples.


Would you like independence? Book an apartment in Naples.

Guesthouses and B&B

Pensions, bed and breakfast and guesthouses in Naples.

The best areas to stay in Naples, Italy

1. Napoli Centro Storico

The Historic Centre of Naples is, as its name suggests, the heart of the city.

It is a district of incredible historical value, listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1995.

The historic center of Naples is undoubtedly one of the best preserved and most impressive in Europe.

It consists of more than 300 sites of interest. Each paving stone, “scalinata” and alley has more history than many countries in the world.

Whether you are travelling with a guide or exploring everything on your own, you will discover that the soul of the city resides here.

Stay in Naples - Centro Storico

Stay in Naples – Centro Storico

Why stay here:

  • Super central
  • Medieval layout and architecture
  • Narrow streets
  • Beautifull squares
  • Markets
  • World Heritage Site

Hand-picked accommodation in Central Naples

  •  Top Pick
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Culture Hotel Centro Storico

Upbeat Culture Hotel Centro Storico is a conceptual boutique hotel with a theme revolving around art. It has its own gallery and restaurant. It is a ten minute walk to the harbour.

from €99

Federico II

Budget Federico II is a simple, family-run pension located in the heart of Naples. It has a perfect score on the hotel search engines.

from €60



Salotto Borbonico

Lovely Salotto Borbonico is a small hotel in the heart of Naples. Rooms offer views of Sant’Elmo Castle and the Certosa di San Martino Museum.

from €80

Hotel Palazzo Decumani

Elegant Hotel Palazzo Decumani offers luxury accommodation in the center of Naples, 500 meters from the Cathedral. It has a very high score on hotel search engines.

from €150



2. Napoli Centrale Railway Station

It is the transport hub of the city for rail, metro and bus transport.

More than 30 national and international trains arrive at Naples Central Station every day, in front of it it’s the spacious piazza Garibaldi, a modern square dedicated to commerce, entertainment and arts, as well as the Garibaldi metro station.

It is the best area to stay in Naples for a short visit, as it offers great flexibility and transportation options.

Stay near the Central Station in Naples

Stay near the Central Station in Naples

Why stay here:

  • Very central
  • Great connectivity
  • Best area for a short stay
  • Shopping options

Hand-picked accommodation around Napoli Centrale

  •  Top Pick
  •  Budget Option

Starhotels Terminus

The Starhotels Terminus is a charming four-star hotel located next to Naples Central Station. It is a 5-minute walk from Garibaldi Metro Station (line 1) and 15 from Naples Cathedral.

from €99

B&B Metropolitan

B&B Metropolitan is an inexpensive and simple guesthouse, located a two-minute walk from Napoli-Centrale station.

from €45





3. Naples Harbour

Naples Harbour is one of the busiest ports in the entire Mediterranean. It receives a lot of passenger traffic with ferries connecting the city to destinations in Italy, France and Spain and it’s also one of the most important cruising harbours in Southern Europe.

It is located south of Central Station and the Historical Center.

The port of Naples area offers a perfect mix of water, history and people, as it is one of the busiest commercial spots in Naples. It is also one of the coolest areas to stay in the summer, thanks to the Mediterranean breeze.

Among its tourist attractions, you can find the Castel Nuovo (New Castle).

Stay around the Port of Naples and Castel Nuovo

Stay around the Port of Naples and Castel Nuovo

Why stay here:

  • Best area for cruise and ferry passengers
  • Good connections
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Castel Nuovo

Hand-picked accommodation around Naples Harbour and Castel Nuovo

  •  Top Pick

Relais Castel Nuovo

The Relais Castel Nuovo Hotel is located 200 meters from Molo Beverello (the main harbour) and a 2-minute walk from Municipio Metro Station. Its rooms offer a seating area and equipped kitchen.

from €80



4. Chiaia

Chiaia (pronounced “Ki-aya”) is the most important fashion and couture retailers of Naples, birthplace and residence of some of the great world-renowned Italian fashion brands.

It is a middle-upper and upper class area and this is noticeable when walking through its streets.

This area has a beautiful promenade and the largest concentration of shops, art galleries and retailers in the city, as well as the marina.

It is somewhat removed from the Historic Quarter to the Northeast, but it offers a bit of everything Naples has to offer.

The area is home to some of the city’s finest hotels.

Stay in Chiaia, Naples shopping district

Stay in Chiaia, Naples shopping district

Why stay here:

  • Upscale area
  • Luxury shopping
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Great hotels

Hand-picked accommodation in Chiaia

  •  Top Pick

Hotel Metro 900

Plush Hotel Metro 900 is a boutique hotel in the elegant Chiaia district, next to Mergellina Train Station. It has a luxurious decoration and excellent score on hotel search engines.

from €81



5. Piazza del Plebiscito

It is the busiest public square in Naples. Lots of concerts, meetings, fairs and events take place here.

It is definitely the best area to stay in Naples for sightseeing and enjoying the city.

Plebiscito is the site of great events, with an exciting cultural vibe and it definitely offers Naples in a nutshell. It is the best place for people-watching.

It is an area to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere. Just one thing: watch out for the motorbikes!

Something is always happening in the Piazza del Plebiscito.

Best areas to stay in Naples - Plebiscito

Best areas to stay in Naples – Plebiscito

Why stay here:

  • Accessible by foot
  • Naples social hub
  • Naples Royal Palace
  • Saint Francis of Paola Basilica
  • Nightlife

Hand-picked accommodation around Piazza del Plebiscito

  •  Top Pick

Napoli Bonita b&b

Quaint Napoli Bonita b&b has an almost perfect score on hotel search engines. It offers a funky décor and a balcony, less than a minute from the metro stop and 800 meters from Piazza del Plebiscito.

from €87



6. Lungomare Caracciolo

Lungomare Caracciolo is the seaside promenade of Naples.

It has a vibrant atmosphere all year round. Street vendors, street music, excellent view of the gulf of Naples and the best oyster and seafood restaurants in the city.

There is no place more romantic throughout Naples, and it is normal to find newly married couples on their honeymoon.

It has a bike lane and is a perfect visit in the afternoon to watch the sunset.

Where to stay in Naples - Lungomare Caracciolo

Where to stay in Naples – Lungomare Caracciolo

Why stay here:

  • Most romantic area
  • Sea views
  • Best sunsets

Hand-picked accommodation around Lungomare Caracciolo

  •  Top Pick

Hotel Royal Continental

Lovely Hotel Royal Continental is a four star hotel offering luxury by the sea in one of the most beautiful enclaves of Naples. It has a swimming pool and a gym.

from €121



7. Vomero

Vomero is one of the most elegant neighborhoods in Naples.

Vomero is a vibrant area that is full of theaters, prestigious shops, cinemas and upscale residences.

It is one of the best places to stay in the city if you are searching for an active and constant nightlife. Whatever your reason for visiting Naples, a visit through Vomero is advisable, as it is one of the nicest neighborhoods of the city and will allow you to enjoy the contrasts of Naples.

Best area to stay in Naples, Italy - Vomero

Best area to stay in Naples, Italy – Vomero

Why stay here:

  • Upscale area
  • Great nightlife
  • Luxury hotels

Hand-picked accommodation in Vomero

  •  Top Pick

Villa San Martino

The Hotel Villa San Martino is located in an elegant Art Nouveau building in the prestigious Vomero district of Naples. It offers luxury and refinement in one of the best areas to stay in Naples.

from €95



8. Fuorigrotta

Fuorigrotta, literally “out of the cave”, is a neighborhood located north of Posillipo.

Fuorigrotta is home to the San Paolo stadium, S.S.C. Napoli and the large convention center venue “Mostra d’Oltremare”, and for this reason it has one of the best transport infrastructure in the city. This area is a hub for several bus lines and it also has metro connections.

It also has the university campus of the University of Naples and one of the entrances to the Catacombs of the city.

Stay in Fuorigrotta and near Mostra D'Oltramare fairgrounds in Naples

Stay in Fuorigrotta and near Mostra D’Oltramare fairgrounds in Naples

Why stay here:

  • Great transportation
  • Best area for business travellers
  • Catacombes

Hand-picked accommodation in Fuorigrotta

  •  Top Pick

Palazzo Esedra

Great Palazzo Esedra is opposite the Mostra Metro Station, 200 meters from Naples’ San Paolo Stadium. This stylish, modern hotel offers a Neapolitan restaurant and rooms with WiFi.

from €68



9. Posillipo

It is the most southerly neighborhood of Naples.

Via Posillipo is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the city, especially at night time.

The entire neighborhood is dotted with Roman villas in different states of conservation, which give it a romantic and intimate feel.

Beacause of its geographical position by the sea on the hills of Naples it is; without a doubt, the neighborhood with the best view of Mount Vesuvius and the whole gulf of Naples.

Stay in Posillipo, Naples

Stay in Posillipo, Naples

Hand-picked accommodation in Posillipo

  •  Top Pick

Best Western Hotel Paradiso

Amazing Best Western Hotel Paradiso is a 6-minute walk from the beach. Set on Posillipo hill, it enjoys wonderful views of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius.

from €99



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