What you need to know about where to stay in Malaga

Malaga is the sixth largest city in Spain and the second in the Autonomous Community of Andalusia. It is located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula.

Bathed by the Mediterranean, the city is considered the “Capital of the Costa del Sol”.

However, Malaga is completely different from the typical beach resorts of the Costa del Sol, it is a provincial capital with a long history and amazing cultural wealth that, until not long ago, had lived in the shadow of other Andalusian cities like Granada, Cordoba and Seville.

However, in recent years the city has undergone a renaissance, gaining a reputation as a capital for culture thanks to its “Art Mile” and a newfound dynamism in the gastronomic and leisure fields.

As for accommodation, there’s a wide variety of hotels, hostels and hostels. From luxury five-stars to family pensions or boutique-style establishments.

Prices for accommodation in Malaga are usually lower than those in Madrid or Barcelona and the quality of the properties is generally quite high. For your peace of mind, all hotels mentioned on this list have a rating of 75/100 or higher.

About the best areas to stay in Malaga, the City Centre is definitely the top choice for a cultural visit with a dash of nightlife. For a business visit, you should probably have a look to the area around Malaga’s High Speed Train Station, where business-style accommodation in abundant.

On this list with the best areas to stay in Malaga we’ll give you all the details.

Keep in mind that Malaga’s mild Mediterranean climate makes it a year-round tourist destination, which means that rates remain relatively stable even in winter. If you can, avoid travelling to the city around Christmas, Easter or any major sporting events or concerts.

The best areas to stay in Malaga

1. Calle Larios

Larios street is without a doubt one of the most beautiful pedestrian promenades in Spain.

Officially called Calle Marqués de Larios, this nineteenth-century street, one of the most expensive and sought-after commercial thoroughfares in the country, is a monument to elegance.

This central street was pedestrianised in 2002 as part of the rehabilitation works for Malaga’s Historic Center.

Larios Street is flanked by regal, symmetrical curved corner buildings inspired by late 19th century Chicago architecture.

In this street, you will find the largest concentration of fashion shops, as well as some restaurants, boutique hotels and cocktail bars.

It is very central, which means from here you can easily explore the city by foot.

Best areas to stay in Malaga - Calle Larios

Best areas to stay in Malaga – Calle Larios

Why stay here:

  • Fancy atmosphere
  • Heart of the city
  • Great for nightlife
  • Restaurants
  • Fashion shopping
  • Pedestrianised
  • Boutique Hotels
  • Easy to walk around

Hand-picked hotels on calle Larios

  •  Our Top Pick

Room Mate Larios

Room Mate Larios Hotel is the epitome of elegance on Calle Larios. It has a bar on its terrace and spectacular views of the city centre and Cathedral.

from €99



2. Malaga Centro

Malaga Centro is the historical centre of the city.

With Larios Street as its main hub, Centro is by far the best area to stay in Malaga.

Its small medieval streets are full of charm. Roman and Phoenician remains, Mozarabic buildings, Baroque churches and Renaissance-style, modernist and Art Deco palaces account for the rich and long history of the city.

Its squares, sculptural heritage and the imposing presence of the Malaga Cathedral complete the urban landscape in this quaint area.

In the historic centre of Malaga you can also find wonders such as the Alcazaba, the Gibralfaro Castle, the Roman Theatre or the famous “Art Mile”, which includes the Picasso museums, the Pompidou Center and the Carmen Thyssen Museum.

This neighbourhood is full of accommodation of all kinds, as well as tapas bars, breweries, nightlife, shops, galleries and everything you need for a perfect visit to Malaga.

Where to stay in Malaga - City Centre

Where to stay in Malaga – City Centre

Malaga - Centre - Click to see all hotels on a map

Malaga – Centre – Click to see all hotels on a map

Why stay here:

  • Streets with charm
  • Roman ruins
  • Boutique hotels
  • Leisure areas
  • Tapas bars
  • Art Mile and museums

Hand-picked hotels in Centro Histórico – Malaga

  •  Our Top Pick
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano

The Hotel Boutique Teatro Romano is a four star boutique style hotel with chic and contemporary decor, located one hundred metres from the Picasso Museum.

from €72

Pensión Juanita

Small Pensión Juanita offers quality accommodation at very affordable prices right in the center of Malaga.

from €25

Debambu Larios

Debambu Larios Hotel is located just one hundred metres from Calle Larios and two hundred from Malaga Cathedral. It has one of the highest ratings in the city in one of the best areas to stay in Malaga.

from €72



Vincci Selección Posada del Patio

Vincci Selección Posada del Patio is a five star hotel with contemporary style and spacious and luxurious rooms located in the Historic Centre of Malaga.

from €239



3. Around Malaga’s AVE Station

Malaga – María Zambrano train station is one of the most important railway hubs in Spain.

It is located to the west of the historic quarter and it’s the point of origin and terminus for a large number of long distance and regional trains. In 2007 the AVE (High-Speed Train) service was inaugurated, connecting the Andalusian city with Madrid in 2.5 hours and Barcelona in 5.5 hours.

The Cercanías (short distance trains) system and the train to the airport also stop here.

The surroundings of the station are full of hotels, many of them business-style ones since its connections make it the best area to stay in Malaga for business travellers.

Staying near Malaga's train station

Staying near Malaga’s train station

Why stay here:

  • Train Station
  • Bus station
  • Relatively central
  • Shopping and entertainment options
  • Business hotels

Hand-picked hotels around Malaga’s AVE station

  •  Our Top Pick
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Barceló Malaga

Hotel Barceló Malaga s a fantastic four-star business hotel located right at the AVE station. It includes a gym and a sauna, as well as a restaurant. Its unique feature: it has a slide at the bar!

from €99

Hotel Las Américas

Hotel Las Américas is a simple, cheap hotel located very close to the Malaga AVE train station.

from €45

Sercotel Malaga

Sercotel Malaga is a four star business style hotel located just one hundred metres from Malaga’s main train station.

from €99

Ilunion Malaga

The Ilunion Malaga Hotel is a luxurious four-star hotel in modern style with swimming pool and gym. It is located three hundred metres from the AVE station.

from €185



4. Soho

The trendy area in Malaga.

It is located between Alameda, Muelle de Heredia, Plaza de la Marina and the Guadalmedina River.

It was born as an initiative to rehabilitate the area south of Alameda, an old area full of regal buildings that had been dilapidated in recent years.

Now this area has been reinvented as a cultural district and renamed “Soho” to energize its environment and offer a modern and differentiated variety of leisure, culture, commerce and business options.

This area offers an alternative and bohemian character in the heart of Malaga.

Soho is also very well connected, Alameda is the hub for many of the urban bus lines, Muelle de Heredia has the Intercity Bus Station, with connections to all municipalities along the coast, and along the River Guadalmedina, you can find the Cercanías (short-distance) train station.

Dónde alojarse en Malaga - Soho

Dónde alojarse en Malaga – Soho

Soho - Malaga - Click to see all hotels on a map

Soho – Malaga – Click to see all hotels on a map

Why stay here:

  • Very central
  • Bohemian, alternative atmosphere
  • Cultural District
  • Leisure areas
  • Galleries, shops and art spaces

Hand-picked hotels in Soho – Malaga

  •  Our Top Pick
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option

Hotel Soho Malaga

Hotel Soho Malaga is a three-star modern style establishment with contemporary decor, located in the Soho district, one of the best areas to stay in Malaga.

from €149

Hotel Castilla Guerrero

Hotel Castilla Guerrero is a simple three star hotel with cheap rates and functional decoration.

from €55

Eurostars Astoria

Eurostars Astoria Hotel is a four star contemporary style hotel located in the Soho district of Malaga.

from €99



5. La Malagueta

This old industrial and fishing district retains all the malagueña essence.

It is located to the east of the city centre, on a triangular stretch of land that goes into the sea, between the port and La Malagueta Beach. At the apex of this triangle lies La Farola lighthouse.

Its industrial heritage is still present in some of the old factories and chimneys. However, the greatest attraction in this area is undoubtedly La Malagueta Beach.

With over a kilometre in length, La Malagueta is the most popular beach in Malaga and one of the most famous urban beaches in Spain. Its restaurants and chiringuitos (beach bars) are an institution and you can not leave the city without having tried “pescaíto frito” (fried whitebait) in one of the bars next to the beach.

This area is also home to Paseo de la Farola, a pedestrian street with shops, recreational spaces and spectacular views of the sea.

Best areas to stay in Malaga - La Malagueta

Best areas to stay in Malaga – La Malagueta

La Malagueta - Malaga - Click to see all hotels on a map

La Malagueta – Malaga – Click to see all hotels on a map

Why stay here:

  • Beach district
  • Industrial heritage
  • Paseo de la Farola
  • Bars and chiriguitos
  • Tapas bars

Hand-picked hotels in La Malagueta

  •  Our Top Pick
  •  Budget Option
  •  Luxury Option

Hotel MS Maestranza Malaga

Hotel MS Maestranza Malaga is a contemporary four-star hotel located two minutes from the beach. It has a spa and gym.

from €149

Hotel Eliseos

Hotel Eliseos is a simple and affordable three star hotel located 500 metres from the beach in La Malagueta.

from €55

Gran Hotel Miramar GL

El Gran Hotel Miramar GL is an über-luxurious five-star hotel located in a grand palace in La Malagueta neighbourhood. It has a swimming pool, thermal baths, spa and gym.

from €249


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