What you need to know about where to stay in Porto

Porto, sometimes referred to as Oporto is the second largest city in Portugal.

Located in the north of the country, on the banks of the Douro River and not far from the border with Galicia in Spain, Porto is a magical city, full of charming streets and lots of attractions and things to see and do.

Where to stay in Porto - Best areas and hotels

Where to stay in Porto – Best areas and hotels

When choosing where to stay in Porto you have to take into account some of the unique characteristics of the city. Accommodation in Porto is quite reasonably priced when compared with other cities of the Iberian Peninsula like Madrid or Barcelona and much cheaper than that of other cities in Southern Europe like Rome or Venice.

The quality of hotels is often also high in comparison, but in many cases it depends on many factors and it is best to first have look at the comments of other customers who have stayed there before. For your peace of mind, on this guide we will only offer you accommodation options with a score of 75/100 or higher.

As for the best areas to stay in Porto, the most sought after area is without doubt the freguesia (parish) of Baixa, which encompasses the neighborhoods of Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, Sao Nicolau and Vitoria.

While the city centre is the best way to explore the wonders of Porto, wine lovers will find their own personal paradise in Vila Nova de Gaia, located on the south bank of the Douro River.

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of the best quarters to stay in Porto, as well as a short list of recommended hotels in each district.

The best areas to stay in Porto on a map

Find your favorite area to stay in Porto on an interactive map.


The best areas to stay in Porto

1. Ribeira and Sao Nicolau

Ribeira, located in the district of Sao Nicolau, is probably the most famous area in Porto.

This is usually the first stop for visitors to the Portuguese city. What do they come to see? The wonderful postcard view of picturesque houses in every colour of the rainbow lined up along the Douro River.

This beautiful area boasts a particular charm. The Douro river walk is a fantastic place to stroll and watch the sunset and the multitude of bars, restaurants and cafes offer unlimited leisure possibilities.

The area also offers every type of accommodation possible and every category.

This is arguably the best area to stay in Porto.

Best area to stay in Porto - Ribeira and Sao Nicolau

Best area to stay in Porto – Ribeira and Sao Nicolau

Why stay here:

  • Lots of charm
  • Colorful houses
  • Douro River Walk
  • Traditional ambiance
  • Lots of restaurants and cafés
  • Nightlife
  • Accessible on foot

Hand-picked accommodation in Sao Nicolau

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Descobertas Boutique Hotel Porto

Descobertas Boutique Hotel Porto is a stylish hotel located in the heart of the Ribeira district. It is a themed hotel with a decoration based on the Age of Discovery.

from €89

Hotel La Bolsa

Hotel La Bolsa is a great mid-range hotel with very low prices and excellent ratings located only 100 metres from Porto’s Palacio da Bolsa.

from €49



The House Ribeira Porto Hotel

The House Ribeira Porto Hotel is a fabulous four star hotel. With modern decor and spacious rooms, it is one of the best options to stay in Porto.

from €75

Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel

Luxurious Pestana Vintage Porto Hotel is an exquisite five star hotel. Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it is housed in a 16th-century building with an eclectic décor.

from €149



2. Sé – Cathedral Quarter

The true heart of Porto, the Sé District is within the area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Sé comprises the area around Porto’s Cathedral and it’s the oldest part of the city. In medieval times, this area was inside a walled enclosure that protected it from foreign attacks.

Located on a hilltop overlooking the Douro River, Sé is an area of narrow streets with a lot of charm and medieval character.

The Cathedral of Porto, in Romanesque style and with Gothic and romantic additions, is the most important monument in this area.

From this neighborhood it is possible to visit the city on foot, so Sé is one of the top neighborhoods to stay during a visit to Porto.

Where to stay in Porto - Sé, the Cathedral Quarter

Where to stay in Porto – Sé, the Cathedral Quarter

Why stay here:

  • Carácter medieval
  • Catedral de Oporto
  • Edificios antiguos
  • Vistas del río
  • Restaurantes y bares
  • Corazón de la ciudad
  • Accesible a pie

Hand-picked accommodation in Sé

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Design Palacio Flats

The lovely Design Palacio Flats are housed in a renovated 13th-century building. This is a very stylish aparthotel in the Cathedral quarter.

from €79

Stayin Guesthouse

Stayin Guesthouse is a modern-style guest house with minimalist décor with super-low prices in the Sé neighborhood of Porto.

from €29



Hotel Premium Porto Downtown

Hotel Premium Porto Downtown is a modern and comfortable hotel located in the Sé neighborhood. Some rooms and the terrace offer spectacular views over the centre of Porto.

from €69

Armazém Luxury Housing

Armazém Luxury Housing is a fantastic super luxury guesthouse. It is housed in a 19th-century blacksmith’s shop and has a contemporary décor blending both industrial and traditional elements.

from €200



3. Vitória – Torre dos Clérigos

Vitória is located in the center of Porto, next to Sao Nicolau and Sé.

This small neighborhood is part of the four districts included on the list of World Heritage by UNESCO.

The most important attraction in this area is the Torre dos Clérigos, an 18th century baroque building visible from many points in town which has become the icon of the city of Porto.

The area is bordered to the east by the famous Avenida dos Aliados and the Santo Ildefonso neighborhood. It is an area accessible by metro and the train station of Sao Bento is within walking distance.

Porto Accommodation - Vitória and Torre dos Clérigos

Porto Accommodation – Vitória and Torre dos Clérigos

Why stay here:

  • Very central
  • Connected by metro
  • Accessible on foot
  • Torre dos Clérigos
  • Lots of restaurants and bars
  • Upmarket area
  • Lots of accommodation options

Han-picked accommodation near Torre dos Clérigos

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Rua de Trás

Rua de Trás Apartments (literally “back street”) is an apart-hotel located one minute walk from the Torre dos Clérigos. All apartments at Rua de Trás have a kitchenette and free Wi-Fi.

from €51



The Poets Inn

The Potes Inn is a boutique guesthouse decorated with contemporary style located one hundred meters from the Torre dos Clérigos and four hundred from the Sao Bento station.

from €35

Oporto House

The Oporto House is located in an old restored house in the Vitória district. Its exquisite ambiance and modern decoration make it one of the top accommodation options in Porto.

from €55

Flores Village Hotel & Spa

Flores Village Hotel & Spa is housed in an old restored building dating back to the 18th century. Its decoration is blends contemporary and traditional elements and it has a spa, sauna and swimming pool.

from €109



4. Santo Ildefonso

Santo Ildefonso is part of the Porto city centre, although it is located outside the confines of the World Heritage Site.

It is an elegant and upper class neighborhood, born as an extension to the north of the city of Porto.

This area concentrates many of the attractions of the city, such as the Bolhão Market, Avenida dos Aliados, Sao Bento Station or the Majestic Café.

Santo Ildefonso is the main shopping and nightlife area of Porto and concentrates the largest amount of accommodation in the city. It is connected by metro and train.

Accommodation in Santo Ildefonso - Oporto

Accommodation in Santo Ildefonso – Oporto

Why stay here:

  • Extremely central
  • Coonected by metro and train
  • Shopping areas
  • Streets full of restaurants and cafés
  • Great for nightlife
  • Regal buildings
  • Bolhão Market

Hand-picked accommodation in Santo Ildefonso

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Grande Hotel de Paris

Grande Hotel de Paris is housed in a regal, belle-epoque style building that evokes the great Parisian palaces. It boasts classic French decor and offers luxury at reasonable prices.

from €69



Hotel Sao Jose

Hotel Sao Jose is located in the heart of Porto, a five-minute walk from the Bolhão Market. It offers budget accommodation close to Porto’s attractions.

from €49

Grande Hotel do Porto

The Grande Hotel do Porto is an Santo Ildefonso intitution. Housed in a 19th-century regal building, Grande do Porto is five minutes from Sao Bento Station.

from €59

Hotel Dom Henrique – Downtown

Impressive Hotel Dom Henrique – Downtown is a luxury hotel located in the neighborhood of Santo Ildefonso. With a gym, a panoramic terrace and a restaurant offering traditional Portuguese cuisine, Dom Henrique is one of the best luxury hotels to stay in Porto.

from €159



5. Cedofeita

Cedofeita is located northwest of central Porto. It is connected by the city’s metro system.

It is a middle-upper-class residential neighborhood. It has a lot of accommodation options.

In the area around the Rotunda de Boavista you’ll find the emblematic Casa da Musica, one of Europe’s most important music venues and artistic institutions.

This area has a bohemian character and is full of art spaces, galleries and shops, particularly around Miguel Bombarda street. The lower part of Rua de Cedofeita is pedestrianized and contains a large number of cafes, bars and restaurants.

Why stay here:

  • Artsy, bohemian district
  • Connected by metro
  • Great for shopping
  • Rua de Cedofeita
  • Nightlife and restaurants
  • Casa da Musica
  • Rua Miguel Bombarda

Hand-picked accommodation in Cedofeita

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Eurostars das Artes

Lovely Eurostars das Artes Hotel is a hotel-gallery housed in an azulejo-claded palace in the district of Cedofeita. Inspired by the world of art, this design hotel offers boutique accommodation and in-house temporary exhibitions.

from €53



Hotel Mira D’Aire

Hotel Mira D’Aire is a small and elegant hotel offering simple and functional accommodation in the Cedofeita neighborhood of Porto.

from €37

Mercador Guesthouse

The Mercador Guesthouse is a luxury family run pension with eclectic decoration located in the bohemian Miguel Bombarda street.

from €78

Baumhaus Serviced Apartments

The stylish Baumhaus Serviced Apartments are located two minutes walk from the metro. These spacious apartments mix luxurious and functional Nordic décor with classic 19th century Portuguese character.

from €109



6. Miragaia

The old Jewish quarter of Porto.

Miragaia, is, like Ribeira, is a neighborhood of colorful houses on the banks of the Douro River, but unlike Ribeira, Miragaia was outside the main medieval city wall.

Due to its location by the river, the area was the main settlement centre for merchants and fishermen.

Its upper part is located on a high hill from where you can see the city of Gaia, on the other side of the duero. That’s where his name comes from (mira=look, Gaia=Gaia).

It is a traditional neighborhood with excellent bars and fish restaurants and a privileged position to watch the sunset by the river.

Best areas to stay in Porto - Miragaia

Best areas to stay in Porto – Miragaia

Why stay here:

  • Charming quarter
  • Very central
  • Great views
  • Colorful houses
  • Douro River Walk
  • Great fish restaurants
  • Boutique hotels

Hand-picked accommodation in Miragaia

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Pensao Favorita

Stylish Pensao Favorita is a boutique-style guesthouse in the upper part of the Miragaia quarter, on Rua Miguel Bombarda. It offers quality accommodation and minimalist and functional decoration in one of the best areas to stay in Porto.

from €70



Alfandegadouro Apartment

Alfandegadouro Apartment is a small apartment with kitchen and washing machine offering simple and cheap accommodation in the heart of Miragaia street.

from €30

Apartments Oporto Palace

Oporto Palace Apartments offer independent accommodation in the district of Miragaia. With a decor inspired by the world of wine, Porto Palace Apartments come with equipped kitchen and spectacular views.

from €69

Miragaia House

Miragaia House has a funky and eclectic decor and is located three hundred meters from the Palacio da Bolsa. It is one of the top accommodations options to stay in Porto.

from €90



7. Vila Nova de Gaia

Vila Nova de Gaia is on the south bank of the Douro River.

Although Vila Nova de Gaia is technically not part of the city of Porto, its proximity and the close relationship that links them made us include it on this list.

Gaia offers the best views of Porto and it’s an excellent location for Port wine tasting. In fact, most of Porto’s wineries are located in Vila Nova de Gaia.

Being outside of Porto, accommodation prices are usually lower and the quality is higher.

Staying in Porto for wine lovers - Vila Nova de Gaia

Staying in Porto for wine lovers – Vila Nova de Gaia

Why stay here:

  • Close to Porto
  • Excellent views
  • Lots of restaurants
  • Wine cellars
  • Douro River Walk

Hand-picked accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia

  •  Top Choice
  •  Budget Option
  •  Midrange Option
  •  Luxury Option

Reis de Gaia

Reis de Gaia is located in the historical center of Vila Nova de Gaia, opposite the Douro River, next to the famous wine cellars of Porto. Its terrace offers breathtaking views of the city of Porto across the Douro.

from €49



Hotel ibis Budget Porto Gaia

Cheap-as-chips Hotel ibis Budget Porto Gaia is a budget-yet-stylish hotel with modern and functional decor in Vila de Gaia.

from €28

Hotel Black Tulip – Porto Gaia

Hotel Black Tulip – Porto Gaia, with an elegant and modern decoration, offers four star accommodation in Vila Nova de Gaia with connection to the center of Porto in 10 minutes by metro.

from €60

The Yeatman

Luxury reaches its climax at The Yeatman, a five star luxury hotel with spa and a pool located in a wine cellar.

from €215



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