The Standing Buddha Temple in Bangkok

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Known in Thai as Wat Intharavian, the Standing Buddha Temple is located in the Pha Nakhon district of Bangkok. It was built during the Ayutthaya Period and was formely known as Wat Rai Phrik.

Wat Intharavian

Wat Intharavihan is not nearly the most important Buddhist temple in Bangkok, however, it is definitely worth a visit if only to see the 100 ft (32m) tall statue of Buddha. This huge sculpture used to be visible from many places around the city (before tall buildings were built).

Wat Intharavian - Entrance

At the times we live in, 32m don’t really seem like a lot, however, the feeling of being in front of such an amazing statue still overwhelms people from all origins and creeds.

The full statue

Locally, this Buddha is known by the name Phrasiariyametri or Luang Pho To. It took 60 years to build it and on the upper part of the hair there’s a relic of Buddha brought from Sri Lanka.

In 1867, Somdej Phra Buddhachan carried out the construction of the statue of “Luang Pho To”. The internal structure of the statue was built by crossing logs and alternating with structural steel. After Somdej’s death in 1872, the construction was carried out by Luang Pho Phu Chanthakesaro until its completion in 1927. Over 6 decades and 2 dinasties later, the magnificent statue was finalized.

In 1978, the Sri Lankan government donated the relic that was installed on top of the statue.

According to tradition, Luang Pho To statue brings success and happiness, particularly if a mackerel head, a boiled egg and a flower lei are presented as offering.

Temple building
Flower leis