Best areas to stay in Sofia Bulgaria

Best areas to stay in Sofia Bulgaria dinozzaver /

About the accommodation in Sofia

Accommodation in Sofia can seem really cheap, especially when you take into account the hotel fares you can find in other European capitals such as Rome, Paris or even Berlin. A hotel night in Sofia in a 2 or 3-star hotel can cost around 20 or 30 Euro, and even some of the (local chain) high-end 4 or even 5-star hotels can be very affordable, at around 50 Euro. See hotel offers in Sofia.

Genarally speaking, family owned and Bulgarian chain hotels are cheaper than their international counterparts, and hotels such as the Radisson or Park Inn in Sofia tend to have the same fares that you would normally pay elsewhere in Europe.

The last few decades have seen a surge in backpacker friendly options. Hostels in Sofia tend to be new and therefore have higher price/quality ratios while being dirt cheap. See hostels in Sofia from €6/n.

When it comes to the quality of Sofia hotels, they tend to be either very good or absolutely dreadful. Some of them, especially the newly-built ones have excellent price/quality ratios, while the older budget ones tend to be frankly bad. It is always advisable to check the ratings and reviews before closing any booking.

If we’re talking about the best area to stay in Sofia, newbie travellers will find themselves more at ease in the central area, particularly around the Cathedral, while travellers looking for luxury at excellent rates, will find heaven in the Vitosha district, where 4-star hotels with pool and spa are cheap and great.

Best areas to stay in Sofia, Bulgaria

Accommodation map in Sofia

Sofia Accommodation Map – click to open in a new tab.

The main areas to stay in Sofia are the City Centre, as well as the neighbourhoods of Lozenets, Oborishte and Vitosha. Here you’ll find some information about these areas and how attractive they are for travellers, keeping into account their location, the transport connections, and the general feel of the neighbourhood. You will also find a small hand-picked selection of the best hotels to stay in each area.

Accommodation options in Sofia

1. Staying in Sofia City Centre

Where to stay in sofia - best areas and hotels

Best areas and hotels to stay in Sofia

With its epicentre in the Serdika area, Sofia’s centre (Centrum) covers the entire area framed by the boulevards where the city walls once stood. This is the area where most tourist attractions are located. The City Centre is also where the shopping and gourmet districts of the Bulgarian capital are located. It is well connected by metro, tram and bus and, overall, it is the best neighborhood to stay in Sofia for visitors planning to visit the city and enjoy its attractions.

Hand-picked hotels in Sofia City Centre

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Accommodation in the different areas of the City Centre

2. East of the Centre: Zaimov Park and Levski Cathedral

Best areas to stay in Sofia Bulgaria: Around the Cathedral

Best areas to stay in Sofia Bulgaria: Around the Cathedral

It is an elegant area full of things to see and places of leisure, its most outstanding monument being Alexander Levski Cathedral.

Hand-picked hotels around Levski Cathedral

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3. Staying around the Central Train and Bus Station

Estación Central de Sofia

Estación Central de Sofia por inoue-hiro

It is a well communicated area north of the City Centre. Hotels and pensions in this area are inexpensive. However, this is not the most attractive area to stay in Sofia.

There are lots of cheap hotels and some hostels. Its position close to the metro and the central train and coach stations make it a good area to enjoy Sofia and explore the rest of Bulgaria.

Hand-picked hotels around the Central Station

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4. Around NDK (House of Culture)

NDK - Sofia, Bulgaria

NDK – Centro de Sofia, Bulgaria stoyanh /

It is located in the south of the centre of the city. It is the socialist monument par excellence in Sofia. Today this is mostly a business area with offices and a lively nightlife. The hotels in this area usually have good quality and a business flare.

Hand-picked hotels around NDK

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5. Staying in Lozenetz

Vasil Levski Monument

Vasil Levski Monument

This area of the Bulgarian capital is located in the south of the City Centre, and is home to Vasil Levski Stadium and South Sofia Park. The district has many green areas and a peaceful residential atmosphere.

Top hotels in Lozenetz

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6. Staying in the Vitosha District

Staying in Vitosha, Sofia

Staying in Vitosha, Sofia

This bourgeois area of the city is located in the southwest, in the vicinity of the imposing Vitosha mountain. It has a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and many luxury hotels at a great price. It is the best area to stay in Sofia if you are looking for tranquility and luxury. This area is close to the ski slopes of Vitosha, one of the closest ski slopes to a capital city in the world.

Top hotels in Vitosha

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