Where to stay in Cusco, Peru
Where to stay in Cusco, Peru

Where to Stay in Cusco, Peru

Where to stay in Cusco – What You Need to Know

Where to stay in Cusco, Peru
Where to stay in Cusco, Peru

Cusco, sometimes spelled Cuzco, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in Peru and Latin America.

This Peruvian city has all the ingredients to be one of the most interesting places on the planet. A vibrant, centuries-old indigenous culture that manifests itself in all aspects of local life, a convulsive history inexorably marked by the Spanish conquest, a unique architectural character that blends pre-Columbian buildings and temples with elegant churches and colonial palaces, and a spectacular natural landscape; nestled in a beautiful Andean valley and surrounded by immense snowy mountains, glacial lakes and subtropical forests.

The accommodation in Cusco is fortunately very cheap by all standards and the options are almost endless. The city has developed over the years a vibrant backpacker tourist scene that guarantees cheap fares at hostels, pensions and guest houses. In the intermediate branch of the balance we find exceptional boutique hotels, many of them in Spanish-style colonial buildings. For luxury lovers, Cusco also offers some four and five star options and many international chains have opened hotels in the city in recent years.

As for where to stay in Cusco, the area covering the Historic Center, Particularly around the Cathedral , is always the most sought-after and the best area to stay in Cusco to enjoy all its attractions. However, other emerging areas to stay have been developing in the city.

This is a list of the best areas to stay in Cusco, Peru. For your peace of mind, all hotels in this list have a score of 7.5 / 10 or higher in search engine ratings.

Cusco Accommodation on a Map

Hotels in Cusco - Click to see all hotels on a map
Hotels in Cusco – Click to see all hotels on a map

The Best Areas to Stay in Cusco, Peru

1. Cusco Historic City Center

Where to stay in Cusco - Historic Center
Where to stay in Cusco – Historic Center

Without doubt the best area to stay in Cusco, the Historic Center of the city concentrates most of the treasures in the Andean city.

It is a quiet area, dominated by spectacular churches such as the Cathedral, the Temple of the Company of Jesus or the Church of the Holy Trinity, all built in colonial baroque style, typical of the Spanish cities in America.

In this area we find the impressive Plaza de Armas, where the importance of Cusco as one of the main colonial cities of the New World is clear.

The small streets of the Historic Center are dotted with pre-Columbian archaeological remains, indigenous markets, pleasant cafés, restaurants and souvenir shops. It is a very touristy area, there is no doubt about it, but at the same time it is full of magic and energy.

In the old town we find the vast majority of hotels, guest houses and hostels of the city.

Hand-Picked Accommodation in This Area

  • Our Top Pick

    Lovely Illa Hotel is located in the Historic Center of Cusco, very close to Hatun Rumiyoc Street and San Blas Church. It has an almost perfect score on hotel search engines.

  • Boutique Option

    Chic Hotel Boutique Tambo del Arriero is a beautiful boutique style hotel with beautiful traditional decor located in a historic building in the old quarter of Cusco.

  • Budget Option

    Basic Hotel Waynapicchu is an affordable, family-run accommodation option with with excellent quality near the railway station.

  • Midrange Option

    Hotel Mariscal is a classic style hotel with good service located in the center of Cusco. Its rooms have a kitchen and a dishwasher.

  • Luxury Option

    Breathtaking Antigua Casona San Blas is a spectacular luxury boutique hotel 100 meters from the church of San Blas. It has a score of 9.6/10 on hotel search engines.

2. Around the airport

The Teniente Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport is the second most important airport in the country. Although far from an international hub, many Peruvian airlines and international airlines fly here.

The airport is only 3.7 kilometers from the city center.

It is a good area to stay in Cusco if you need to be near the airport or you wish to find cheaper prices than in the city center, as there are many cheap and good quality hotels in this area.

Hand-Picked Accommodation in This Area

  • Our Top Pick

    Wayta Inn is one kilometer from Cusco Airport and offers free transfers. It features modern rooms equipped with bathtub.

  • Budget Option

    Good Cabaña Hotel is a small and modern hotel located 900 meters from the airport of Cusco.

  • Midrange Option

    Cusco Airport Hotel is a budget hotel located to one kilometer from Cusco Airport.

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