Where to stay in Caracas, Venezuela: What you need to know

Safest Areas to stay in Caracas - Best Districts and hotels

Safest Areas to stay in Caracas – Best Districts and hotels

Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela is a place with a well-earned reputation as one of the most dangerous cities in Latin America.

But under this violent, chaotic layer there is a very interesting place, a big city which boasts some of the greatest museums in the region, along with a vibrant restaurant scene and legendary nightlife.

Caracas is also a major transportation hub to explore the rest of the country, the Caribbean and South America as a whole.

As opposed to other South American capitals, like Bogotá or Lima, Caracas has a fairly well-developed metro system that connects the main areas of the city.

Being one of the least safest cities in the region, choosing the best area to stay in Caracas is of vital importance to anyone who visits the Venezuelan capital.

Be it a family visit, a short stopover en-route to somewhere else, a business trip or a quest to see the life beat of a city traditional media does not always portrait, we bring you the best areas to stay in Caracas, along with safety information on each district and other useful information to find the perfect accommodation in the Venezuelan capital.

As a rule of thumb, neighbourhoods to the east of the city tend to be the nicest and safest, while anywhere west from Chacaito should be a no-go zone for any non-experienced traveler.

Best areas to stay in Caracas: Map

Best areas to stay in Caracas - Map

Best areas to stay in Caracas – Map

The Best areas to stay in Caracas

1. Recommended area: Chacao, Chacaito & El Rosal

Best district to stay in Caracas - Chacao

Best district to stay in Caracas – Chacao

Chacao and El Rosal are some of the most upmarket areas of the Venezuelan capital.

These districts are all well-connected by metro line 1 (Chacao and Chacaito stations).

This area is considered the financial district of the city, filled with highrises and residential condos. It is also full of shopping options, with huge malls such as Sambil or San Ignacio.

El Rosal is also close to Las Mercedes, the best dining and entertainment area in Caracas.

Hotels here tend to have high rates but the area is one of the nicest to stay in Caracas.

Chacaito is between the fancy Altamira neighborhood and the central Sabana Grande area.

Chacaito is somewhat more down-to-earth and middle-class than Altamira but is also has an upbeat and commercial vibe.

Is it safe? Chacao and El Rosal are safe for Caracas standards. As always, common sense is advised.

  • Our Top Pick

    Ambassador Suites Caracas is located in the heart of the financial district of Caracas and close to a variety of shops and entertainment venues, in the commercial district of El Rosal, in front of the Centro Lido Shopping Center. – from US$60.

  • Budget Option

    Chacao Cumberland Hotel has a cozy atmosphere and a careful bar and restaurant service. Offers 78 executive rooms and suites with air conditioning and cable TV. – from US$28 .

  • Luxury Option

    JW Marriott Caracas is located in the financial and commercial district of Caracas. This luxurious hotel is within walking distance of shops, restaurants and entertainment. All rooms have air conditioning, flat screen TV, cable, and high speed internet access. – from US$109 .




2. Altamira & La Castellana

Safest neighbourhood to stay in Caracas - Altamira

Safest neighbourhood to stay in Caracas – Altamira

Altamira is the central point of the affluent Chacao Municipality.

The leafy main square, Plaza de Francia (or Plaza de Altamira) is one of the nicest squares in the capital.

This area is well-connected to the rest of the city via metro station Altamira (line 1).

You can find several international chain hotels here. Hotels in this area tend to be on the expensive side and most have private security.

Is it safe? While no district in Caracas is completely safe of crime, Altamira is one of the wealthiest and safest areas in Caracas.

Hand-picked hotels in Altamira

  • Our Top Pick

    Reinassance Caracas offers 212 elegant and comfortable rooms. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, LCD cable TV and minibar. This hotel includes the restaurant “Mijao”, a gym, outdoor pool and sauna. – from US$109.

  • Budget Option

    Hotel Continental Altamira is located two streets away from the famous Altamira Square of the Venezuelan capital, in one of the best and safest areas to stay in Caracas. It offers excellent accommodation near the subway and a twenty-minute walk from the Sambil Shopping Center. – from US$38 .

  • Midrange Option

    The VIP Caracas is located in Caracas, near Plaza Altamira, Parque del Este, and Sambil Caracas Shopping Center. The metro station is only five minutes walk. – from US$47 .

  • Luxury Option

    Caracas Palace Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Venezuelan capital. All rooms have views of Altamira WiFi. The hotel has 3 restaurants, a spa and outdoor and indoor pool. – from US$249 .




3. Las Mercedes – Chuao

Best areas to stay in Caracas - Las Mercedes

Best areas to stay in Caracas – Las Mercedes

Las Mercedes and Chuao are located south of Chacao, next to La Carlota air base.

It can be considered the best area to stay in Caracas and some of the best hotels in town are located here.

It is a fancy neighbourhood known as “the Soho of Caracas” thanks to its great gourmet scene and nightlife.

Is it safe? Las Mercedes and Chuao are two of the wealthiest districts in Caracas and can be considered safe during the day. Las Mercedes, being an entertainment and nightlife area can be unsafe at night.

Hand-picked hotels in Las Mercedes / Chuao

  • Our Top Pick

    Eurobuilding Hotel & Suites Caracas is located 15 minutes by car from the city center, in the financial district. It has elegant rooms, pool, gym and sauna. – from US$39.

  • Midrange Option

    CCT Hotel is a hotel with a swimming pool located in the area of Chuao, very close to La Carlota and the gourmet area of Las Mercedes. It offers 125 rooms with flat screen TV and WiFi. – from US$60.




4. Sabana Grande – Plaza Venezuela

Stay in Central Caracas - Plaza Venezuela

Stay in Central Caracas – Plaza Venezuela

Plaza Venezuela is the geographic center of the city.

It’s the place to go if you’re looking for cheap hotels in Caracas. There are many accommodation options that range from love-hotels to some of the fancy places.

Sabana Grande is also the main pedestrian promenade in the city.

Is it safe? Not really. Although during the day there should be no problem, the area around Sabana Grande can be quite dangerous at night. Plaza Venezuela is a no-go area after sunset.

Hand-picked hotels in Sabana Grande & Plaza Venezuela

  • Our Top Pick

    Hotel Cumberland Caracas, a three-star property, is located very close to the metro, in the lively area of Sabana Grande and very close to its popular boulevard, in one of the best areas to stay in Caracas. It offers simple accommodation. – from US$35.

  • Luxury Option

    Gran Melià Caracas is a 5 star hotel located very close to the Boulevard of Sabana Grande and Line 1 of the Caracas metro. It offers all the amenities a business traveler could want, as well as an outdoor pool and a gym – from US$54 .




5. Near Caracas Airport (Simón Bolívar International)

Dónde alojarse en Caracas - Cerca del aeropuerto de Maiquetía

Where to stay in Caracas – Near the airport

Simón Bolívar International Airport, also known as Maiquetía Airport, is Venezuela’s main gateway and air hub.

This airport is located aprox. 10 miles north of Caracas, next to the Caribbean Sea, in the coastal state of Vargas. Maiquetía consists of two terminals and is the main hub of local airlines such as Conviasa or Avior, with connections to all corners of the country.

Staying near Caracas Airport is highly recommended for travelers visiting the Venezuelan capital during a layover or those who do not wish to venture into the city.

Is it safe?: The immediate surroundings of the airport can be unsafe for international travelers. It is recommended to always choose an official taxi (there are ticket counters in both terminals) or hotels with transfers included. Avoid people offering their services in the arrivals hall.

Hand-picked hotels around Caracas Airport

  • Our Top Pick

    Eurobuilding Express Maiquetía is located a 5-minute drive from Simón Bolívar Airport. It has a hot tub, a gym and a pool. It offers a free shuttle service to the airport, parking and Wi-Fi. – from US$55.




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