The Best Viewpoints in Lisbon
The Best Viewpoints in Lisbon

Viewpoints in Lisbon That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Get your most comfortable shoes and camera to walk with us through the best viewpoints of Lisbon, a city with incredible views.

Get your most comfortable shoes and camera to walk with us through the best viewpoints of Lisbon, a city with incredible views.

Lisbon is one of those cities that are beautiful from any angle. The tile-covered buildings, narrow streets, yellow trams, and Portuguese cobblestone floors give the city a unique look.

Likewise, the sunlight reflecting on the Tajo River fills Portugal’s capital with a melancholic vibe that, mixed with the sound of fado, makes you breathe saudade, a longing characteristic of Portuguese people.

But Lisbon is a city as big as it is full of contrasts. Its (very) steep streets are also home to shops, hotels, bars and restaurants, street art, parks, squares, museums, and monuments.

Therefore, one of the best ways to see this “city of the seven hills” is from one of its magnificent viewpoints. From the top, you will have excellent views, get a general idea of why Lisbon is so unique, and take incredible photos.

In this post, we’ll tell you the best viewpoints in Lisbon, their location, and what you can expect to see from each one.

The Best Viewpoints in Lisbon, Portugal

1. Graça Viewpoit

Although everyone usually refers to this point of the city as Mirador de Graça, its official name is Miradouro Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, in honor of a poet. In fact, on the lookout, there is a bronze bust of the artist, who spent much time contemplating Lisbon from this site. Also, one of her poems can be read on a wall.

Graça viewpoint. one of the best panoramic viewpoints in Lisbon.
Graça viewpoint. one of the best panoramic viewpoints in Lisbon.

Next to the Mirador de Graça is one of the oldest churches in Lisbon, the Igreja da Graça, whose original construction dates back to 1921. However, after the earthquake of 1755, the church was rebuilt in the baroque style that its facade retains today.

From this viewpoint, you can get the best panoramic views of Lisbon. If you look to the left, you will see the Castle of São Jorge that seems to watch over the rest of the city and, to its right, the river with the 25 April Bridge, reminiscent of the Golden Gate of San Francisco. From the lookout, you can also see part of the Moreria and Baixa districts, the historic center, and the lower part of Lisbon.

This viewpoint gives you a broader view of the city, so it is an excellent place to see Lisbon, especially if you stay for a short time. From this height, you can see some graffiti that adorn Lisbon’s streets and hills.

This site is also one of the few in Lisbon that attracts tourists and those living in the city. Next to the lookout is a bar/café quite popular with young Portuguese, so you can have a beer while watching the scenery. Also, there is no shortage of musicians to add a soundtrack to the moment, perfect for an Instagram story.

The Graça viewpoint is on Calçada da Graça and can be reached via the tram 28.

This viewpoint is one of those places you must take advantage of on a first trip to Lisbon.

2. Portas do Sol Viewpoint

The Miradouro da Portas do Sol is one of the most famous viewpoints in Lisbon for different reasons.

View from Portas do Sol, Lisbon
View from Portas do Sol, Lisbon

First of all, although Graça has a more authentic atmosphere, Portas do Sol is a better option to get to know the nightlife in Lisbon. In this viewpoint, specifically, a large balcony, there are kiosks and a bar where DJs perform regularly.

This viewpoint is in the heart of Alfama, one of the most picturesque areas of Lisbon. It is an old fishermen’s neighborhood on the slopes of St. George’s Castle that is also famous for being the site of the Feira da Ladra, a flea market that takes place every Tuesday and Saturday.

The name Portas do Sol (“ports of the sun”) refers to one of the seven gates of the old Moorish fortification of the city. However, many also associate the name of the viewpoint with the spectacular sunsets that can be captured from this point of interest.

From the Miradouro da Portas do Sol, you can see, among other things, the houses of Alfama, the blue Tagus River, and the church of São Vicente de Fora. São Vicente de Fora is the patron saint of Lisbon, and there is also a statue of him holding a boat with two crows on the lookout.

To reach this viewpoint, located at Rua São Tomé, 1100-563, you can take tram No. 28.

3. St. George’s Castle Viewpoint

The Castelo de São Jorge sits on one of the highest hills in the city, that of São Jorge. Therefore, it is safe to say that its privileged location makes it one of the best viewpoints in Lisbon.

Panoramic view from Castelo de São Jorge, one of Lisbon's must-see attractions.
Panoramic view from Castelo de São Jorge, one of Lisbon’s must-see attractions.

This castle has had various uses since the 8th century BC and has exhibition halls, gardens, a camera obscura, and observation decks.

From the castle, capturing the historic center, the Tagus River, and the 25th of April bridge in juxtaposition to the reddish rooftops that characterize Lisbon is possible.

However, the viewpoint of the castle has some points against it. On the one hand, being one of the most visited attractions in Lisbon, depending on the day, you may need more time or space to enjoy the views to the fullest or take good pictures. On the other hand, as is evident, the castle, which is one of Lisbon’s landmarks, will not appear in your photos.

It is possible to walk up to the castle from Praça do Comércio, but, as is customary in Lisbon, even if it is only a 15-minute walk, the climb is quite a challenge, especially in the summer.

To save energy, you can take an elevator in Praça do Comércio. Specifically, there are two elevators: the Baixa and Castelo. Another option is the 737 bus, which stops near the castle entrance.

4. Jardim Do Torel Viewpoint

As far as viewpoints are concerned, Jardim Do Torel is one of the least visited by tourists. Still, it is recommended not only for its views but also to know a more authentic and quiet side of Lisbon.

Views from Jardim do Torel, Lisbon
Views from Jardim do Torel, Lisbon

From this viewpoint, you can see part of Avenida da Liberdade, one of the recommended areas to stay in Lisbon, and the hill of San Roque. Views from Jardim Do Torel also include part of Baixa and the Tagus River.

This beautiful public park (and its viewpoint) is in Campo dos Mártires da Pátria within an old estate surrounded by 18th- and 19th-century noblemen’s palaces.

In addition. Jardim Do Torel has a children’s playground, a kiosk, several lakes, and a statue dedicated to Vianna da Motta, Portuguese pianist and composer.

But the most curious and unique thing about this park is the urban and artificial beach installed there every summer. During August, what might look like a dull fountain in winter is filled with sand and salt water to make the high temperatures more tolerable.

To get to Jardim Do Torel, you can take the Elevador da Lavra.

5. Santa Luzia Viewpoint

The Miradouro da Santa Luzia is also located in the Alfama district, close to Portas do Sol. However, both viewpoints have different looks and vibes that deserve to be mentioned separately.

Miradouro da Santa Luzia - Best viewpoints in Lisbon
Miradouro da Santa Luzia – Best viewpoints in Lisbon

The banks of stones with tiles and purple bougainvillea give the viewpoint of Santa Lucia a more tender aspect. The fact that you can see how the boats arrive at the Tagus at the foot of this viewpoint only adds to its enchanting atmosphere.

If we add that street musicians often serenade in this area, we can be sure that the Miradouro da Santa Luzia is one of the must-see places in Lisbon for a romantic getaway. In addition, you can often see painters and sketchers trying to capture the beauty of this place.

Standing at this viewpoint, you can see the dome of the Panteón Nacional on the right, which was the church of Santa Engracia in the past. On the left, you can see the towers of the Church of San Esteban and the Church of San Miguel.

Next to the viewpoint is the small church of Santa Luzia, which was declared a National Monument. This church was rebuilt after the earthquake of 1755, and on one side of its façade, there is a tile showing the appearance of Praça do Comercio before the quake.

The tram No. 28 has a stop right in front of this viewpoint.

6. Senhora do Monte Viewpoint

The Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is located in the Graça neighborhood and is the highest in Lisbon. Therefore, you also get incredible city views from this viewpoint, including St. George’s Castle, the Tagus, and the downtown area.

Senhora do Monte viewpoint - Lisbon's panoramic viewpoints
Senhora do Monte viewpoint – Lisbon’s panoramic viewpoints

Due to the height of its location, the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is not so popular with tourists. After all, most people who visit this neighborhood only go as far as the Miradouro de Graça.

So, unlike the other viewpoints mentioned above, at this point in Lisbon, you will have less competition for photos and more space to enjoy the views. However, more and more people are coming to the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, especially at sunset.

This viewpoint is named after the sculpture of the Virgin Mary covered in glass that is located there. Next to the lookout is also a tiny white chapel rebuilt after the great earthquake. The chapel is dedicated to San Ginés and is said to protect women during pregnancy.

To get to this viewpoint, you can take the tram 28. The nearest stop is Rua da Graça.

7. Santa Justa Lift

The Santa Justa Lift is one of the must-see attractions of Lisbon. This neo-Gothic iron structure houses two elevators inside that connect Baixa with Chiado, a historic district full of charm.

View of St. George's Castle from the Santa Justa Elevator
View of St. George’s Castle from the Santa Justa Elevator

This elevator was built in 1902 under the design of Raoul Mesnier de Ponsard. Going up with the Santa Justa elevator, you will reach a terrace with views of the streets of Baixa, the Tagus, St. George’s Castle, and other attractions such as Praça do Comércio. There’s also a cafe on the observation deck.

View of St. George's Castle from the Santa Justa Lift
View of St. George’s Castle from the Santa Justa Lift

Using the Santa Justa Lift costs 5,30 € and, depending on the season, there is usually quite a long queue. You can take the metro to Baixa-Chiado station (blue line and green line) to get there.

El elevador de Santa Justa es uno de los más populares miradores de Lisboa