Weather and best time to visit Bucharest

As a result of its location, Romania has a temperate-continental Climate and throughout the year the temperature changes considerably. There should be four main seasons but the winters can often be extremely cold and the
summers can be extremely hot. With this in mind, the best time to visit Bucharest is between March and October as the weather is not too cold or too hot but it can be difficult to predict. With that in mind, March can often be very cold and October can be very wet, so it is ultimately down to good timing and luck.

When it comes to celebrations and events the Chinese New Year is celebrated in late winter early spring and a cow parade takes place between June and August which can result in the city becoming very bust. The Classical Music Festival is held annually and certainly draws in the crowds along with Gay Pride in September. Bucharest is a vibrant and busy city that likes to celebrate which means that there can often be a large event taking place which can make public transport congested but it is a great way of understanding how the city works.