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About us

XIXERONE.COM is a lifestyle and photography travel blog that has been online since 2010.

In all these years, the objective of the page has been to bring its readers beyond the typical attractions and to discover, through travel stories, photographs and videos, the best destinations’ most authentic facets.

XIXERONE.COM is a collaborative and dynamic blog with a universal vocation. Where destinations are the true protagonists.

Our slogan, Ready for takeoff! makes a direct reference to the aviation world. It’s what a pilot says just before the plane starts soaring.

When you read this blog we don’t just want you to be prepared for your journey, we also want you to feel those jitters of anticipation that come with taking off to a new destination or to a new experience at a familiar destination.

XIXERONE.COM is currently part of the Aguacate Media family, a state-of-the-art company designed to promote, through its different outlets, digital content and tourist information about destinations, attractions and accommodation, focusing on different segments.