Where to stay in Venice - Best areas and top hotels

Where to stay in Venice – Best areas and top hotels

About accommodation in Venice

Because of its popularity among travellers from all around the world and the fact that the Venetian accommodation is not exactly cheap, it is very convenient to start thinking about where to stay in Venice as soon as you make the decision of visiting the city. Here yopu will find a small guide with the best areas to stay in the city, as well as the top neighbourhoods for a great holiday.

As is the case in most must-see cities around the world, Venice has a wide range of places to stay for every type of traveller. From small, family-owned pensions to the swankiest of luxury hotels by the Canal. As mentioned above, it is good noticing that Venice is by no means cheap, so it is better to start planing ahead and try to book your accommodation well in advance.

Generally speaking, rates at Venice hotels are quite expensive and the quality of the accommodation here is usually not the best. Before you get to your hotel to find that you have paid a small fortune for a hole in the ground, it is best to take a look at the comments of other customers who have stayed there.

So, in order for you to get a clearer idea about where to book your accommodation in Venice, we will show you here some of the best areas to stay in Venice and around with a hand-picked selection of our favourite budget, mid-range and luxury hotels in each area.

Obviously, the best area to stay in this city is the city itself and the closer to the center, the better.

However, for reasons of hotel availability, as well as for economic reasons, you may want to rethink where to stay during your trip. As you will discover as you read further, you also have the possibility to stay in other places near the island, such as Mestre and Lido.

Best areas to stay in Venice – Top neighbourhoods and hotels

1. Staying around the Grand Canal

Best area to stay in Venice - the Grand Canal

Best area to stay in Venice – the Grand Canal

The Grand Canal is the city’s main artery concentrates numerous luxury hotels, most of which were once the palaces of rich Venetian merchants. With the Grand Canal as a background, you can already imagine the luxury that awaits you … and what it can cost you! Although the unbeatable location and the beautiful views that you can enjoy from your room are things you will never forget.

Hand-picked hotels around the Grand Canal

    • Hotel Palazzo Stern on the Grand Canal
      Budget Option

      The Hotel Palazzo Stern is a family-run hotel in the laid-back area of Dorsoduro. It is not that fancy but its prices are not as high either. It has views of the Grand Canal – from €129

    • Best areas to sleep in Venice - Hotel Barbarigo
      Mid-range Option

      The Hotel Palazzo Barbarigo sul Canal Grande is located in a 16th century building with beautiful views over the Grand Canal from some of its rooms. – from €199.

    • Gritti Palace
      Luxury Option

      The beautiful Gritti Palace – A luxury Collection Hotel is one of the top-notch options to stay in Venice. With a typical italian classic, this hotel embodies the Venetian dream. – from €399

2. Piazza San Marco

Stay near Piazza San Marco

Best district to stay in Venice – Stay near Piazza San Marco

The Piazza San Marco is the most famous place on the island, so hotels around this area are iconic and, by and large, expensive. However, most of Venice’s tourist attractions are located close to this square, such as St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace and the Bridge of Sighs. In addition, the atmosphere here is always lively thanks to its cafes and the street musicians that populate the Piazza.

Hand-picked hotels around Piazza San Marco

    • Stay in Venice - - La Scala
      Budget Option

      The Palazzo la Scala is one of the top budget hotels in Venice. Located five minutes away from San Marco Square, it offers excellent value for money. – from €44

    • Stay by San Marco Square - Residenza Goldoni
      Mid-range Option

      The lovely Residenza Goldoni is a mid-range pension with a typical Venetian décor located nearby Piazza San Marco, in one of the top areas to stay in Venice. It also offers very cheap fares. – from €50.

    • Luxury by San Marco
      Luxury Option

      The opulent San Marco Luxury – Canaletto Suites is a unique hotel in Venice. Not only is it located right on San Marco Square, but it also used to be residence to the famous Venetian painter Canaletto. It is an accommodation option that is not for every budget but it is a true piece of history. – from €499

3. Rialto

Rialto Bridge - Best areas to stay in Venice

Rialto – Best areas to stay in Venice

Another of the most famous and best-located areas of Venice is the area near the Rialto Bridge, which is characterized by its collection of shops and restaurants where you can taste the exquisite and varied Italian gastronomy. Consequently, this area enjoys great vitality day and night. The Bauer Hotel Palazzo and the Rialto, located here, are some of the most remarkable hotels in the world.

Hand-picked hotels in this area

    • Staying near Rialto Brige in Venice
      Budget Option

      Budget Cà Rialto is a family-owned hotel with traditional Venetian décor located less than 100 meters away from Rialto Bridge. It offers great value for money. – from €69

    • Stay in the centre of Venice
      Mid-range Option

      The lovely Hotel Rialto is an icon of the city and typically Venetian styled hotel. Some of its rooms offer beautiful views over the Canal and the Bridge. – from €99.

    • Best hotel near Rialto
      Luxury Option

      Plush San Teodoro Palace is arguably the best hotel in all of Venice. With a rating of almost 10/10 on the main hotel booking sites, this hotel near Rialto Bridge is a true gem. Apart from being an almost perfect option, this hotel is also relatively affordable. – from €159

4. Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia Train Station

Staying nearby Venice's main train station

Staying nearby Venice’s main train station

One of the best areas to stay in Venice, both for the amount of properties and the proximity of the Santa Lucia train station, is the Piazzale Roma. Although it does not offer the beautiful location other areas on this list can, this area is better communicated by public transport and not too far away from places like the Rialto Bridge or the Jewish ghetto. Furthermore, the nearby square of Santa Margherita offers great nightlife and dining opportunities.

Hand-picked properties around Piazzale Roma and Santa Lucia

    • Cheap Venice accomodation - Hotel Florida
      Budget Option

      Venice’s Hotel Florida is a budget option located less than 100 meters from Venice’s main train station. It is a simple, cheap and cheerful place in a good area to stay in Venice. – from €49

    • Stay near Venice station
      Mid-range Option

      The Hotel Antiche Figure is a typically Venetian hotel located right across from the train and bus stations. It has a belle-epoque feel to it and offers free wifi. – from €99.

    • Resort - Ca Nigra
      Luxury Option

      Beautiful Ca Nigra Lagoon Resort is a luxurious and spacious Venetian-style hotel located in a 17th century palazzo a stone’s throw away from Santa Lucia station. – from €199

5. Santa Croce

Quedarse en Santa Croce

Staying in Santa Croce mikecphoto / Shutterstock.com

If you prefer to enjoy the tranquility and have a more relaxed and local experience in Venice, then you can stay in the nearby neighborhood of Santa Croce, within which is Piazzale Roma itself. Here you can taste amazing pizza, take romantic gondola rides and visit places like the Church of Our Lady of Miracles.

Hand-picked hotels around Santa Croce

    • Hotel Sant Andrea Santa Croce
      Budget Option

      Basic Casa Sant Andrea offers simple and clean rooms with basic services in the heart of Venice at very low prices for the city’s standards. – from €44

    • Hotel Olimpia Venezia
      Mid-range Option

      The Best Western Hotel Olimpia Venezia is a fantastic three-star hotel located in laid-back Santa Croce. It provides spacious accommodation and a private gondola pier. It’s a great choice for budget-minded but comfort-oriented travellers. – from €79.

    • B&B Patatina
      Luxury Option

      B&B Patatina has an outstanding rating score on booking engines. It is not extremely plush, but it’s not astronomically expensive either. Probably the best option for a romantic Venetian getaway. – from €119

6. Castello

Barrio de Castello

Castello Distric – Top area to stay in Venice

Castello is a great choice if you’re wondering where to stay in Venice. Although this district is somewhat further away from the hustle-bustle and the historic center of the island. However, such emblematic places as the Porta Magna, the church of San Pietro di Castello and the historic Naval Museum, which houses the gondola Peggy Guggenheim, make this neighborhood a great choice for your Venetian stay.

Hand-picked hotels in the Castello neighbouhood

    • Cheap accommodation in Venice - Hotel Alla Fava en Castello
      Budget Option

      Basic Hotel Alla Fava is arguably the cheapest good hotel in all of Venice. It offers very basic rooms and budget accommodation services 300 meters from Rialto Bridge. – from €35

    • Hotel Bisanzio, Castello, Venezia
      Mid-range Option

      The Hotel Bisanzio is located in the heart of the Castello neighbourhood. It is a great three-star hotel with superb price/quality ratio. – from €79.

    • Hotel Ai Reali - Small Luxury Hotels of the World
      Luxury Option

      As its name indicates, the Hotel Ai Reali – Small Luxury Hotels of the World is an uber chic boutique hotel located in Castello. It offers great service and a relaxed atmosphere away from the hordes of tourists. – from €189

7. Dorsoduro

Stay in Venice - Dorsoduro

Best area to stay in Venice – Dorsoduro

Art lovers will find their own paradise in the Dorsoduro district. This area is packed with art collections and palatial residences. At the Accademia di Belle Arti, you can admire the most important works of Bellini. No less important is the collection of Peggy Guggenheim, located in a palace in this neighborhood. All this culture is complemented by the presence of the university, which means Dorsoduro is also vibrant and full of vitality.

Hand-picked hotels in Dorsoduro

    • Cheap hotels in Venice - Hotel Belle Arti
      Budget Option

      Budget Hotel Belle Arti is a very cheap property in the Dorsoduro nighbourhood. It offers typically Venetian décor and simple yet character-filled rooms in Venice’s most relaxing district. – from €40

    • Corte dei Servi
      Mid-range Option

      The Hotel Corte dei Servi is the top-rated option in all of Dorsoduro, with a rating of almost 10/10. It is a family-run hotel and mid-range category with a very good value for money ratio. – from €79.

    • Moresco
      Luxury Option

      Lovely Hotel Moresco is a great luxury hotel in Dorsoduro. Its highlights include spacious rooms with jacuzzi and terrace. It is located in a 19th Century palace with a beautiful garden. – from €169

8. Staying in other cities around Venice

Pádova - Staying around Venice

Pádova – Staying around Venice

As stated before, if you want to visit Venice, but do not find accommodation on the island proper, you also have multiple other options that are a little further out… but much cheaper, like Verona, Padova or Cavallino, connected by train and bus with the City in the Lagoon.

Best hotels around Venice

    • Alojamiento barato cerca de Venecia - Verona

      The B&B Casanova offers a a very cheap accommodation option in nearby Verona. With a rating score of 9/10 and very friendly rates, this pension can be the perfect alternative to the astronomical hotel fares in Venice. – from €39

    • Hotels near Venice in Padova

      The Ibis Padova Hotel is a great budget option that offers modern and cheap accommodation in the lovely city of Padova, not far from Venice. – from €40.

    • Stay in Cavallino

      Pleasant Hotel Ca’ di Valle is a resort-style hotel in the village of Cavallino. It has a private beach and a huge open-air pool. – from €69

Among the localities closest to Venice, you can also find alternative accommodation in the towns of Marghera, Lido di Jesolo and Mestre.

Mestre is often the place to find cheap accommodation near Venice thanks to its varied accommodation offer, while being very well connected to Venice.

Hand-picked hotels in Mestre

    • Hotel Apogia Sirio Mestre
      Budget Option

      The Hotel Apogia Sirio Mestre is a 4 star hotel at a reasonable price in Mestre. If you choose price over location, this hotel is definitely the best choice. – from €40

    • Hotel close to Venice - Plaza Mestre
      Mid-range Option

      Mid-range Hotel Plaza in Mestre is a great property offering cheap prices and good quality. – from €69.

    • Luxury hotel in Mestre - nearby Venice
      Luxury Option

      Residenza Baco da Seta is an excellent luxurious apart-hotel located in Mestre. It is located 300 meters away from a bus stop that connects it directly to Venice. – from €89

Now that you know the different possibilities and best areas to stay in Venice, you just have to decide where you want to go.

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    Next time I go to Venice, I’ll definitely take one of your suggestions. Went there once. I stayed at Hotel Padana and my friend stayed in hotel Diana. Considering they are in the same hotel chain and are in the same area and have the same staff, I can definitely generalize. Those hotels are awful, STAY AWAY from them. The rooms are pretty old, outdated, really small and cold. The heating wasn’t working and after asking for help in the reception, they turned it on, but after sometime they were turning on and off the heating. My friend slept in cold and I also had the same “luck”. The room is full of mosquitoes. The staff is rude and avoid at all costs to talk with the clients. The manager is the worse. He is always with a bad attitude, being agressive and almost screaming at you even if you are just asking for an information. Even if you speak with them in Italian, they seemed annoyed and try to end the conversation as soon as possible (they do this by being rude, “making a call” or moving pappers to pretend they are doing something and are busy or just pretending that they don’t know or don’t understand what you are saying). Speaking with them in other language is almost impossible. There is no comfort in the rooms and you can barely sleep. If you want to leave your luggage with them, they will put it under the stairs with many other luggages. Everyone has free acess to those luggages and none of the people who works in the reception pay attention to see if people are getting their luggages or somebody’s else luggage. If a luggage disappears, they dont even move a finger to see what’s going on. In fact, they never move a finger to anything. Those hotels are extremely overpriced and definitely there is no cost benefit. Breakfast is awful. It’s very poor and the little food that it has is in bad condition. Do yourself a favour and stay somewhere else. Trust me, not even the location makes it worth it. My best friend had such a bad experience there that he had to move to another hotel because of the neglection from one of this hotels. Hotel diana and hotel padana?? Never again!

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